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Uttar Pradesh Places to see LANGUAGES

Fast Facts :

Main Language : Urdu, English, Hindi

Dialects : Braj Bhasha, Garhwali, Khari Boli, Garhwali

Literary Figures :  Bhartendu Harishchandra

Literary Languages : Braj Bhasha, Hindi

Uttar Pradesh is known to be the cared by the holy saints and intellectual prophets. This state is alive by the confluence of regions, languages, castes, creeds, religions and still gives you a picture of a calm ocean. There are too many castes and religions but still the people in this state live in total tranquility. The down to earth compatibility and simplicity amongst the crowd over here is just magnificent. A visit to this exotic state is worth as this kind of diversity is one of its kinds.

Uttar Pradesh is the main land for the Hindi speaking dominance states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar. Therefore, it is obvious that Hindi is the linguistic Franka of Uttar Pradesh. The accent, which is spoken here, is the considered to be the correct accent of this language. English is also one of the major languages spoken here.

The second most popular language, which is spoken here, is Hindustani. Majority of the crowd speaks Hindustani. Hindi is used for the administrative purpose. Hindustani if written in Nastliq script it is called as Urdu. Urdu is known to be the language of Nawabs. If it is written in Devanagri script, it is known as Hindi. Uttar Pradesh has acquired many Laureates and famous poets in Urdu and Hindi. These people have ruled the perch for many years.

Apart from the two languages, Awadhi is another famous language. This language is mostly spoken by the rural population of Oudh.This language is a mix of Khadi Boli and Urdu. This language was disseminated by famous Sufi Poets like Amir Khusrau.Bhartendu Harishchandra, great poet from Varanasi had first used the traditional Hindi in his works.Bhojpuri language is the other popular language spoken in the twenty odd districts of the east side of Uttar Pradesh. There are many Bhojpuri Films, which are made and is a very famous sort out film industry.

"Braj Bhasha" this language is said to be Lord Krishna’s dialect. This language is mostly spoken in the nearby areas of Vrindavan and Mathura.This language is known to be very lyrical and sweet. The other languages spoken here includes: Bundeli which is spoken in the(Bundelkhand region) Haryanvi,Garhwal,Kumaoni,Bengali spoken in some part of Varanasi,Punjabi spoken in some part of Rishikesh and Gujari.These languages are local languages spoken by the particular community.

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