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Uttar Pradesh Places to see UTTAR PRADESH MONUMENTS

Fast Facts :

Situated : Uttar Pradesh,(India)

Capital : Lucknow

Major Attraction :
Fatehpur Sikri, Taj mahal, Agra Fort, Imambara, Ghats.

Appropriate Time to Visit :
October - March.

Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest and very important states of India. This state has politically active from the very begning.Uttar Pradesh has went through fall and advent of different empires in its course of time. From the coming of Mughal till the exit of British, Uttar Pradesh has seen. All the sawyers who have ruled in this land have left their mark in form artistic architecture.Talukedars, Nawabs of Oudh, British and Moguls have added to the precious architectural heritage of this state. Due to their collective and individual contributions, this state blusters some of the precious and attractive monuments in the over all globe.

Sorting out the monuments to begin with is a tough job as all the monuments have some or the other important significance related with the past. Lets begin with the Queen of all the heritages The Taj Mahal.So much has been written about this monuments but the magic of this monument cannot be captured in words. The world-renowned writer Vincent Van Gough also failed to capture it in words.Taj mahal is something to be seen, explored, and experienced.

Agra, the beautiful city was the Taj Mahal stands is a proud owner of it. You can also spot Agra Fort that was constructed some 400 years ago. The carving work that is done on this building cannot be explained, as it is splendid. The carving work done in the structures like Diwan-i-Khas and Diwan-i-Aam are just speechless.Fatehpur sikri, located some 50kms from Agra is a city of lost charm as there are many ruined monuments. You can start off with the Buland Darwaza which is a huge door and highest in Asia. You will spot Salim Chisti burial chamber and Panch Mahal, which is placed in the premises. The Tomb of Emperor Akbar is also a major attraction amongst the tourists.

Lucknow being the capital city of Uttar Pradesh once known as Oudh preserves many monuments. The most visited amongst the monuments here includes Bada Imambada.This is a very important shrine for the Muslims of India. The glasswares and the chandeliers beautifies the interior of the sanctum area. Equally magnificent are Shah Najaf Imambara and Chota Imambara.These buildings were built in order to help the subjects who were enduring from famine by the Nawab of Oudh.There is Rumi Darwaza which guards the gateway of ancient Hussainabad is also a point of major attraction.

Amongst the architectures built by the British La Martini ere, residency, this used to be office cum Resident by he Resident General Shamry Victoria Memorial, Butler Palace, Mayo Memorial Hall, the Church Complex which was built by Begum Shamru in the fond memory of her British Husband are the famous one .

There are many monuments in over all Uttar Pradesh. Apart from all the important historical Monuments names are as follows : Victoria memorial, Butler Palace, Lal Tibba, Agra etc.

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