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Uttar Pradesh Places to see UTTAR PRADESH MUSEUMS

Uttar Pradesh is rich in museums that are instrumental in exploring the grandeur of the bygone era. The museums are the showcases of state's art, culture, craft, history and heritage and illustrate the cultural richness of different periods of history. There are a number of Museums in Uttar Pradesh that one can visit. Most of these places are run under the authority of Government of the state while a few of them are also run by private organizations.

These museums house huge collections of artifacts, Mughal paintings, miniature paintings, weapons, and instruments, marble pillars, coins, and textiles. Bharat Kala Museum is one of the most popular Museums in Uttar Pradesh that attracts a number of tourists every year. The myriad collection of beautiful paintings, textiles, and sculptures form an important part of this museum. These artifacts belong to the dynasties of Gupta, Maurya, and Shunga periods. One can also get to se sculptures belonging to Gandhara School of art.

Sarnath Museum hoses some of the finest pieces of Buddhist art. There is a plethora of statues, sculptures, and other architectural remains that form part o this splendid building. The famous Lion Capital is the distinguishing feature of this storehouse. This archeological museum has a huge collection of bronze sculptures. The government museum of Mathura has a collection of bas reliefs, coins, terracotta and other antiquarians belonging to the period of Mathura region.

One of the other Museums in Uttar Pradesh that stores several artifacts and stone images is Allahabad Museum. There are carved pillars that belong to the centuries ranging from 3rd century to 12th century AD. An impressive collection that has several themes including dancing, feasting, and hunting scenes forms the part of the museum. Considered as the main tourist attraction of the state, this museum is also known for the huge collection of coins belonging to dynasties of Gupta and Kushana periods.

State Museum of Lucknow is famous for Egyptian mummies, rare coins, an ancient sarcophagus, paintings form 16th century, and a number of stolen sculptures. One can also get to have a glimpse of "panchmukhi shivalinga" and enormous coin collection. Zodiac coins belonging to Jehangir period are also stored at the museum.

In addition, there are a number of other museums in Uttar Pradesh that are worth visiting. These include Archeological Museum, of Varanasi, Archeological Museum of Hardwar, Crafts Museum of Lucknow, Allahabad Planetarium, and Bundelkhand Museum in Banda. History enthusiasts can get a deep insight into the bygone era and get excellent opportunity to enjoy the charm of the past.

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