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Uttar Pradesh Places to see CARPET WEAVING

At a Glance :

Region : Uttar Pradesh

Production Level : 90% of total Production

Major Cities : Bhadohi, Agra, Khamaria and Mirzapur

Within the India, weaving of carpet is done on large scale. But Uttar Pradesh state is a leading state within the India in weaving the carpet than ten more centers of carpet making. Only Uttar Pradesh state's production in carpet weaving is around ninety percent of total production and people who do carpet weaving on home base has seventy five percent shares in the production of the carpet making. Within the Uttar Pradesh state, the major centers are such as Khamaria, Mirzapur and Bhadohi and around five hundred villages are involved in this craft form. The market of Uttar Pradesh is a very big and very important for the business of carpets and it has high demand. The earlier carpet weavers were not using much original and unique designs but the now the local artisans of carpet are using special and modern designs, which they have created. The designs which they use contains Taj Mahal, they use natural colors or they use Sirdar and tint on the plain background, over their they use muffled colors, to make it more attractive and noticeable they create hand make bright borders by using honey beige, soft green and rose beige. To make the caret more attention capturer they make a use of designs of eighteenth century by using small clipping, and that times pattern, because of this the carpet gets the look of sculpture sue.They majorly use the pastel shades but they also use the colors in bright shades.

In creating designs, it contains much efficiency of the craftsmen, because it is not at all easy and quick thing, that why it required very careful concentration of the designer. Before making the designs on the actual carpet, first of all they draw the design on the graph paper very carefully with measurement. For the fine and exact weaves, they use twisted thread and they also use jute sometimes to get the rougher pattern. The carpet weaver twists the thread on 2 times for the weaving and they knot the tie. The quality of the carpet of this region is medium and the number of knots is about sixty per square inch in the carpet pattern of sculptured, it does not require much knots. Now days, these types of carpets are famous items which exports in the other countries.

Within the Uttar Pradesh Agra is very old center of carpet, it has been started from the period of Mughal. They provide new and also traditional design in the carpet weaving art. They do the weaving by using the system of calling out, in this system, artisans use the designs and they call the weaver artists to use the different and variety of colors for their each and every knot. In the design of oriental, which they use on the carpet, artists use the Indo Kashan and Indo Ispahan design. In this design, they use long and small leaf and also the flowers. You will get the woolen and cotton carpets only at Shahjahapur in Uttar Pradesh state. The designs which they use on these types of carpets are Persian and old style pattern. the base color which they use is very soft and other parts of the carpet if filled by using the diamond shape scattered. They make the border of the carpet by using the geometrical floral and designs of leaf by using the line of black color. The traditional designs which they use are Jainamaz takhdar and kethariwala jal.

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