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Uttar Pradesh Places to see GLASS WARE

At a Glance :

Region :
Uttar Pradesh


Major Products : Tikuli, Bangles and Glass Beads

Major Cities : Saharanpur, Varanasi and Ferozabad

New Range of Products : Tableware, Glassware

In the entire Ferozabad, communities are majorly interested in the glass ware making. In the early time, they were only making bangles, but from the recent years they have started making glass ware and also the table ware. The very famous town Varanasi is a specialized in the making of glass beads. As per the changing time, they are also making new modern glass ware in large amount; they are also exporting the glass articles. Craftsmen who are situated in the Varanasi, they too make the thin size glass, and out of that they make small pieces which are known as a tikuli. Women wear this ornament on the forehead and they also use it on the fabrics as a decorative item. Uttar Pradesh state's town Saharanpur is well known for the different colored and shaped toys which are called as Panchkora. Artisans of Saharanpur also make the glass pieces for mouth which is used for the hukkahs.

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