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Uttar Pradesh Places to see HAND PRINTING

At a Glance :

Region :
Uttar Pradesh

Major Cities : Lucknow, Faizabad, Farrukhabad and Jehangirabad

Influence of Design : Embroidery forms and Local weaves

Specialty :
Design of Blossoms and Trees in Bright Colors

Uttar Pradesh state's city Farrukhabad is a place captured by the designs which are traditionally came from the ancient time; there are many ranges in design, they have popular Trees of Life, classical butis. The design of butis is very attractive and it looks glowing in the bright and sparkling colors. In the western side of the Uttar Pradesh, it is called as Mango paisley. Artisans create it in numbers of shapes, elegant designs, bold size and medium size. Before making design on the actual fabric, first they print the print the design by using harmonizing colors, after that they make it more adorable by doing detail work with the help of painting brush or other tools. In the design of tree, they use different shape and patterns of blossoms. This type of art is a very much decorative and attractive, this printing art is not connected with any kind of sign and symbol but this art form has much growth in the market and also the demand. In the Hindu religion traditional design, you will observe some different designs like lion guarding a tree.

In Uttar Pradesh state, the city Lucknow is known for the Paisely type of hand printing. Their other designs, which they use mostly in their printing art is more of influenced by the regional embroidery of chicken pattern. Another town Jehangirabad has been divided because of their two different types of designs such as toned colors and bold lines. These two designs are very much influenced by the Jamevar weaves and Jamdani. There is one more town in the Uttar Pradesh, Faizabad or Tanda is also very famous because of jamdani weave. This town is also known for variety of printing in graphic quality, this type of cloth gives a very antique and ancient look. In this design, they fill the 2 blocks by using similar design patterns, in one block they fill the cotton which has a color of saturation and another block is plain. They print and reprint these blocks by the process of juxtaposed, to paint the motifs they create a red color. The color of background surface makes difference. They also use novel design in the dark indigo color, in this type of design they put red color diamond size dots which gives effect of startling.

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