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Uttar Pradesh Places to see UTTAR PRADESH PILGRIMAGES

UttarPradesh, a divine and spiritual land has been place for the devotees since many centuries. A decisive destination for all pilgrims, Uttar Pradesh is home town for numerable holy places where the divinity achieves great height. These pilgrim places give the sense of purity and divine pleasure The land is based on the banks of river Ganga, on the foothills of Himalayas, Uttar Pradesh promises to bequest with memorable religious tour.

The five elements of this land have the history of great legend like Lord Krishna and Lord Rama. The Vrindavan and Mathura are blessed with the spirit of Lord Krishna whereas Ayodhya is the place which is soaked with essence of Lord Rama.

As we look into Hindu mythology, one legend amazed the entire world i.e the Kumbha Mela which hs thousands of devotees coming from all over the world. It has convergence of holy rivers of India namely Ganga, Yamuna and mythical river Saraswati. But the pilgrims of Uttar Pradesh remains incomplete without mentioning Varanasi, which is most prehistoric cities from all over the world and has the celestial legend of Lord Shiva.

The other fascinating places of Uttar Pradesh includes holiness of Lord Budhha along with sarnath, Sravasti, Kapilavastu and Kushinagar.

Along with these places, Lucknow, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri and even more places has the Islamic contributions in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Other mementoes and Monuments are amongst the highly visited places. This is reason that people from the entire world prefer Uttar Pradesh as the Pilgrim destination.

Some Divine Destinations of Uttar Pradesh :

Varanasi :

Varanasi is one of the oldest cities of the world. It is bestowed with fascinating stories of mythology, ancient temples of India. This city has myth of Lord Shiva leaving a visitor in an immense divinity.

Mathura - Vrindavan :

It is enriched with various heartwarming legends and incidents by Lord Krishna. It is considered to be the most sacred place for the devotees of Lord Krishna.

Allahabad :

This place is hometown for Kumbha Mela that happens only at once in 12 years. It is blessed with the confluence of three holy rivers of India namely Yamuna, Ganga and Saraswati.

Ayodhya :

Ayodhya is among the sanctified cities of India which is famous as the birth place of Lord Rama.

Buddhist Circuit :

Lord Buddha blessed the whole world with humanity when he emerged on land and left back his divine foot print that is still worshipped with respect and regards. Buddhism can be seen from the aroma of temples like Sarnath, Kushinagar, Kapilavastu, Sravasti and Kaushambi.

Churches :

All Saint Cathedral Churches :

This beautiful cathedral is situated opposite the Junction Railway in opposite to Canning town. This was designed by Victoria Memorial in Kolkata. It is one of the finest cathedrals of colonial architecture. The cathedral is made up of marble altar, glass panels with intricate work.

Christ Church :

This church is located nearby Wingfield Park in the state of Lucknow. It was designed by General Hutchinson. It was developed in 1914 and was built in the memory of the people who sacrificed their lives in the revolution.

St. Joseph Catholic Church :

The St. Joseph Catholic Church Italian method Roman Catholic Church was constructed in 1879 is located in the west of Chandra Sekhar Azad Park in between Thornhill Road and Edmondstone Road. It was erected by Fr. Raphael of Livorno. It is counted amongst the fifth oldest Catholic Church in Uttar Pradesh. The others are being at Ghazipur (no more now), Allahabad (1845), Varanasi (1851), Chunar (1848). During 1850's, this church was set up at Gorakhpur at the order of Catholic troops stationed.

Many other churches like Jamuna Church, St. Peters Church, Holy Trinity Church, St Josephs Church, St. Johns Church, St. Georges Church, St. Marys Church also mark their holy presence in Uttar Pradesh. Each church has the glorified beauty and divine pleasure.

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