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Uttar Pradesh Places to see SARDHANA

Fast Facts :

Situated : Nineteen km from the state of Meerut

Constructed By : Begum saMRU

Architected By :
Anthony Reghelini

Total Cost : 4 lakhs

Sardhana is 19km away from the city of Meerut. Sardhana has a historic and a romantic past. In the 18th century a French traveler came to india. His name was Walter Reinhardt. This person was soon popularly known as Samru.

Sardhana was gifted to him by the King of Delhi Najaf Khan who had given him in return of affirming his troop. This state was formerly established in the year 1773. He had died in the year 1778 and was soon succeeded by his widow Begum Samru who had converted in to catholic religion in the year 1781. She had constructed a church in Sardhana. The present construction is a subtle mix of the architectural styles. This church was designed by Italian designer Anthony Reghelini. The cost of the construction went up to 4 lakhs in the year 1822. There are 2 big lakes near the church; it’s a result of the mud that was extracted to build this church. The entrance of this church is from the north direction. The verandah of the church has 18 Doric pillars to support. There is a huge lantern which is octagonal in shape is placed at the center of the hall and is made up of finely perforated and chiseled slates and also with white and black marbles. The church reflects blend of Muslim Architecture. There are three domes and 2 huge bells fitted on the hall. There are heavy glided balls of metals and surrounded by metal cross.

The roofs of this church is unending as in are placed in different levels. The primary altar of the church is beautifully carved and was specially brought in from the state of Jaipur. It also has designs of flowers and carved with precious stones. The steps of the altar and the floors of the sanctuary are of black and white color. This church was dedicated to Mother Mary.

There are 2 long wings, the left wing depicts popular monument above the grave of Begum. The church is of 18fts and it also places 11 life size statues and 3 panels. As you see on the right hand side Begum is placed on the top and below her stands four statues of Innayat ullah, Diwan Rae Singh, Julius Caesar and David Dyce Samru. These figures represents wisdom, fearlessness, prosthonourederity and fulfillment that existed during the reign of the Begum. The fame and beauty of the shrine was added up as soon as the holy image of Lady of Graces was nestled in the year 1957. The church was further abided as soon as it was given the dignity as that of the Minor Basilica in the year 1961 by the Pope JohnXX111.

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