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Uttar Pradesh Places to see UTTAR PRADESH RIVERS AND LAKES

The great states of the ancient states of India flourished in the region which is known as Uttar Pradesh. Gautam Buddha preached and travelled very often in this region, he too gave his first sermon in Sarnath near Varanasi. Down the centuries Uttar Pradesh has being ruled by various dynasties including the Kushanas, the Guptas, and the Mauryas. Here Mathura emerged has the centre of the power in this region then the Kanishka who ruled Kushanas made Mathura their capital.

The Lakes of Uttar Pradesh is picturesque eye shaped; blue in color, in the Nanital District is the Naini Lake. The other attractions which include are Land’s End, Dorothy’s seat and Naina Peak. There is also Roop Kund which dwells in the lap of the Mount of Trishul; this is also a destination of a pilgrimage led by a Ram from the village of Nuati, which is situated at the height of 5029 m, this is also one of the most famous trekking destinations. After moving towards and covering the distance of 22 kms from Nanital is the Bhim Taal, this lake to have an island away from the sea shore which is 91.4 meters long. This state too has other spectacular lakes which should be at the mention which are like the Nachiketa Taal, Radha Kund and the Kedar Taal. All the lakes here provide the visitors with an immense opportunity for boating, trekking and sight seeing.

Uttar Pradesh with the population of over 190 million people is the most populous state in the country which is further divided into 70 districts with its capital Lucknow. This state is bounded by on North by Nepal, in the northwest is the Himachal Pradesh, south of it is Madhya Pradesh, Bihar is to the east, on the southwest side is Rajasthan and to the west is the Haryana. The main crops which are grown here are apples, mango, oil seeds, wheat and sugar cane.

The service sector of Uttar Pradesh has hotel industry, insurance, financial consultancy, travel and tourism and insurance. Has it has Taj Mahal located here in Agra it attracts large no of tourists, here the world famous ‘Kumbh Mela’ is also held. It has many hotels too in the state which caters to the needs of the visitors both internationally and naturally. The other cities which are important and famous in Uttar Pradesh are Varanasi, Ayodhya, Mathura and Allahabad. Being guarded by the majestic Himalayas it is regarded as one of the ideal location. When you visit Uttar Pradesh, it is recommended that the tour to the Chilla wildlife sanctuary is must for the animal watchers, this place is just at a distance of 21 kms from Rishikesh and 8 kms from Haridwar. This sanctuary is also a part of the very renowned Rajaji National Park. The fauna spices which are found here are the spotted deer, elephants, blue bull, jungle fowls, peacocks, fox, stag deer and wild boar.

Uttar Pradesh is also a domicile to many hill stations which include Mussoorie and Nanital. These are the places that you should never miss to visit when you plan your trip to Uttar Pradesh.

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