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Uttar Pradesh Places to see RADHA KUND

Fast Facts :

Location : 5 kms north of Govardhan

Significance : The Bull Demon, Lord Krishna killed Arishta

Best Season : July to November

Languages Spoken : Brij and Hindi

Situated just 26 kms from Mathura to the west and 5 km from Govardhan to the north is the large lake Radha Kund. This was the place where the great Lord Krishna killed the horrible demon.

To celebrate the day when lord Krishna slayed the Arishta and the Bull demon on every year on the 8th day of the dark half month of October or November which is the Kartik month a large fair is held on the spot. The story behind this fair goes on like when after killing the bull shaped demon Lord Krishna was asked to take bath in all the holy waters to clean all his impurities, so the lord made a call of all holy water to which made a kind of swayamkund before him in Govardhan. After getting done with the bath Lord announced that he is clean from all the impurities, that was befallen unclean by the gopis, on this announcement of the Lord the Radharani and some of the gopis broke their bangles, which plowed a fissure with the kaput pieces. So here there was no water, then they bent a line to the Manasi Ganga and pulled fissure with water. On this important moment all the holy brooks requested the consent to go into the Radharani’s Kund and Lord Krishna also agreed to it.

Just away from the Radha Kund is the awesome Kusum Sarovar which is known for it’s the architecture which is impressive and a perfect venue to relax after you visit the Radha Kund.

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