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Uttarakhand Places to see
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Uttarakhand Places to see
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Welcome to Incredible Uttarakhand

Being a small sate, Uttarakhand packs incredible spots within its frontiers. Size of a state is not impairment when you have come to India for vacation. Uttarakhand is an example of it as its natural beauty has coined it a title of “queen of the mountains”. Culling some of the stunning mountains of Himalayas, Uttarakhand displays one of the most rewarding scenes of Himalayas.

The land of Uttakrakhand emphasizes spirituality with great vitality as it has great pilgrimage sites Char Dham i.e.,  Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri.The state is considered a hub for holy site since it has a plethora of temples within its limits. The religious harmony of Skihks and Hindus is notable in Uttarakhand as the small state houses both Gurduwaras and temples. Gurdwara near the lake Hemkund perched at a height of 4329 mts is a sacred place for Sikhs and every year thousands of visitors gather to offer their oblation at this Gurdwara.

When there are mountains, adventure lovers are bound to gather for trekking. Needless to say to that Uttarakhand is a lucrative state for trek-buffs. The complex of mountain ranges covering a significant part of the state offers numerous trekking routes. Trekking in Uttarakhand is a fun as you come across tarns, falls, glaciers while moving ahead towards your destination. There are several treks in the state that are opted by Hindu devotees. Kailash trek, Devi Darshan trek are holy routes to Hindu deities. There are trek routes that originate from Mussourie and Nainital that are unmatched hill stations of India. Nanda Devi wildlife sanctuary is a stunning place that is the destination of many trekking trails. The sanctuary and the peak open the door to several surprising views for you.

Mountians are always favored by tourists as it offers entertainment in all seasons. If summer and spring can open the trekking routes for you, then winter will welcome skiing slopes. Garhwal Himalayas can be accesses from Auli, which becomes a den for skiers during the skiing season. Skking resort at Mundali, near Dehradun, has varied slopes where both experts and novices can participate in skiing.

Facilities for water sports are abundant in the state. If you are keen to experience water adventure then Assan barrage will be your haven. Assan Barrage includes Dhalipur Lake that was built specially as a water sports complex in 1994. The rafter’s camp at Kudiyala is another site for rafting on the waters of Ganga.

Although the state has a small size yet the surprises contained in it cannot be seen in one go. The tour operators at Uttarakhand offer great tour packages that include almost all the important spots and are tactfully designs to offer you visit the sits lazily and comfortably.

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