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Uttarakhand Places to see ASAN BARRAGE

Located 40 m to the west of Dehradun city in uttarakhand, the Asan Barrage Water Sports Resort is a major water sports complex developed in a modern way, keeping the needs and likes of the modern sport players in mind. This complex was first created in the year 1967, after which it has undergone a lot of renovation and improvement so as to include the modern amenities and sports in its courses. It was developed as a water sport complex in 1994, by the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam. This water sport haven is also famous by the name Dhalipur Lake sports complex and it is one of the major specialties of uttarakhand tourist guide and adventure.

The distance of the water complex, Asan Barrage Water Sports Resort, from the highway of Dehradun - Chandigarh - Shimla is around 45 km. It was created at the convergence of the rivers Yamuna and Asan, where they meet in the Dhalipur Power House. Hence, the water complex is gorged by supplies from Asan and discharges from the Yamuna channel, which makes the lake be annually full with water.

This water sports haven offers a great variety of sport activities, and is a must visit once, when in the vicinity of uttarakhand or in the state itself. Inclusions among the water sports in the Asan Barrage Water Sports Resort are Water Skating, Sailing, Motor Boats, Boating, Water Skiing, Rowing, Kayaking, Paddler's Rides, Canoeing, as well as two powerboats and two hovercrafts are available.

This place is a wonderful experience in itself, and a destination for all the water sport freaks. The vicinity of the Asan Barrage Water Sports Resort has a scenic beauty and wildlife rich locations, with a vast variety of migrant birds and exotic wildlife fauna. These factors collectively contribute in inviting a large number of tourists to this wetland in uttarakhand.

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