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Uttarakhand Places to see BASE KAUSANI

Fast Facts :

Location : Kumaon Himalayas

Base : Kausani

Duration : 2 days

For trekking in the Base Kausani there are three routes. The first route starts from Kausani to Garur then to Bajinath then to Bageshwar. The time that is required for this is just two days; this is a short trekking for the people who are just starting with trekking. The second route is the same as the first but has some additional activities in the middle while trekking. Then the third route is the one which starts from Kausani to Chotta Pinath then to Bara Pinath. The time taken to complete this trekking by this route is also 2 days.

All the above routes are the trails which are made to combine the religious aspect of this place. Base Kausani is situated in the district of Bageshwar where it is an idyllic destination of travel for the people who wish to spend a calm and peaceful holiday, away from the hubbub of the cities in the serene nature. A 300km of panoramic view of the Himalayas is offered by the hill top. From here one can also get a view of the Someshwar valley which has on one side Bajinath Katyuri and Garur on the other side. In terms of unscathed and raw beauty, this is an unparallel place. This place has a similarity with the landscape of Switzerland so Mahatma Gandhi had named it has the “Switzerland of India”.

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