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Uttarakhand Places to see DEHRADUN

Fast Facts :

Population : 12, 79,083

Area : 300sqkm

Altitude : 960m

Climate : Moderate type

Languages : Hindi, English

Founded By :
Guru Dronacharya

Welcome to the Doon Valley :

The city of hills, also known as the hill resort of Uttarakhand. Placed in the mountainous ranges of the Mighty Himalayas, Dehradun is one of the former cities of India. This city is recently declared as the capital city of the newly formed state Uttarakhand.This city has been a crucial part of the Garhwal rulers.Dehradun is a major visitor’s destination of the state. There are many exotic locations like ancient Temples that reflect spirituality and sanctification of this city that is a great place for all the shopaholics, as there are many shopping destinations. This city offers astonishing experience to each person from a child to an aged person, including a shopper or a trekker. The climatic condition of this city is a gift, it is moderate and clings tourist all around the year.

Dehradun headquarters many important centers like Rashtriya Indian Military College, Forest Research Institute, ONGC, Indian Institute of Petroleum and many other prime institutions. The Doon Valley nestles between the 2 most main rivers of India: River Yamuna and River Ganga and is considered to be the most serene and a box of many exotic tourist spots.

is subsequently named after Dronacharya, a great guru and one of the main characters in the epic of Mahabharata. The popular religious centre Rishikesh, the place of sulphur springs, Sahastradhara, Mussorie, the queen of hills, the quite Chaktrata hills and the renowned Rajaji National Park all these popular destinations nestles inside the Doon Valley.

Dehradun is located at a height of 2200 feet above the sea level. This city enjoys moderate type of climate and is also one of the most developed cities. The places that will cling you towards it includes: Robbers cave (at a distance of 8kms from Dehradun), Tapkeshwar Temple (at a distance of 5.5kms away from Dehradun), Malsi Deer Park (at a distance of 9kms from Dehradun), Laxman Sidh (at a distance of 12km from dehradun) and Sahastrdhar (at a distance of 14km from Dehradun)

Major Tourist attractions :

Tapkeshwar Temple :
Tapkeshwar Shiv Temple is a very renowned ancient temple said to have many mythological significances attached to it.

Rajaji National Park : This national park is located at the border of the straggling Dehradun Valley.Rajaji National Park was founded in the year 1966 and has an area of 820 sqkm.This national park is placed in the luscious Shivalik valley. This park is an apt holiday resort that includes many excursion sites and picnic spots.

Robbers Cave :
This cave is popular for the underground flowing stream of water that disappears and again appears after gushing for some distance.

Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology : This museum will be a keen interest for all those astrologers and people interested in astrology as this museum has the biggest collection of gems from across the globe.

Excursion sites :

Mussorie :
Mussorie is popularly known as the queen of hills. It is a beautiful hill station located at 3000mtrs above the sea level and is 36km away from Dehradun.This city is well connected by a motorable road. You can avail the facilities of comfortable and pleasant stay at the hotels, Dharamshalas, PWD inspection house and Tourist Bungalows. The popular attraction in Mussorie includes Kempty Falls that is located at a distance of 14kms from Mussorie, Municipal Gardens (don’t go by the name, this garden will surprise you with the eternal beauty of this park and is located at a distance of 4kms from Mussorie), The jheel, located at a distance of 6kms from Mussorie.You can also enjoy trekking from mussorie to Dehradun.There are other places of great interest like chamba, Nagtibba, Dhanaulti, New Tehri, and Temple of Surkhanda Devi.

Sahastra Dhara :
This place is situated at a distance of fourteen kms away from Dehradun.This place is a popular picnic spot amongst the locals as well as the tourists because of the gushing water falls .Sahastra Dhara is known for astonishing fall and sulphur water spring. This sulphur spring is believed to cure skin disease.

Asan Barrage :
Also called as the Dhalipur Lake, Asan barrage was constructed in the year 1967 by Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam.This place was further modified in to water sports complex in the year 1994.

Rishikesh :
Rishikesh enjoys the pleasure of being India’s one of the most sanctified pilgrimage centres. This place has exotic dense forests, exotic waterfronts, and calm climate. Virtually a place of sages, scholars and saints, Rishikesh is a huge carter of religious importance located on the bank of the sacred Ganga River. This place is renowned for the ancient Yoga teachings and primary sanctification. If you are an adventure freak then river rafting is another interesting event you can look for. There are good hotels available for comfortable accommodations.

Munali : Munali is situated at a distance of 129kms away from Dehradun; this place is known for its extreme snow line, which is perfect for skiing.

Dak Pather : Dak Pather place is a very famous tourist attraction as it has blooming gardens and natural lush green land.

Lakha Mandal Temple : Lakhamandal is located on a hill slope by the bank of River Yamuna.This site is rich with old remains of sculptures, inscriptions and temples from the 5th century.

Jhanda Fair : This Fair celebrates the arrival of the renowned guru, Guru Ram Rai at Dehrdun.

Lakhawar Mela : A village fair is held every year in the months of September to October.

Kalsi :
Kalsi is approximately five kms away from Dak Pathar.This place is popular for an inscription of King Ashoka on a feasible rock. This rock is maintained by the National Archaeological Department.

Chakrata : This place is located 92 km away from Dehradun at an altitude of 700feet.Chakrata is popular for its calm and quiet environment and also has a silvery charm. This place is a typical gift from the nature as it is destituted from all the artificial urban charm and you can enter the land that is free from pollution and has perfect calm atmosphere. The accommodation facility is quite good as the forest rest house is available and a hasty choice of other hotels is available too. There are some other spots close to Chakrata like Deoband, Kathiyan, Tiger Fall and Kanasar, which are worth visiting.

Laxman Sidh : This exotic location is 12 kms away from Dehradun.This place is frequently visited by the tourists, as the locales of this place are breath takingly beautiful. According to the locals, there was a saint who attended self-mortification at this place.Laxman Sidh is well connected by bus services.

Lakhamandal : Lakhamandal is 80kms away from Mussorie.This place is of great mythological importance, as it is believed that one of the major event of Mahabharata had held here  i.e. Duryodhana had enacted the scene of burning alive the Pandavas in a house (Lakshyagriha) made from shellac. You can also visit the ancient temple, which was built in the 8th century. This temple is a huge construction and has beautiful carvings on the walls of the temple. Transportation facilities like taxis and buses are available to visit this place. However, there is no accommodation facility available here.

Accommodation Facilities :


Dehradun is well located with hotels ranging from mid range to five stars, so you can choose from a wide range of hotels. The star hotels will leave you with great comforts and hospitality. There is a wide list of hotels like Hotel Madhuban, Viceroy Inn Hotel, Hotel Aketa, The Great Values Hotel, Hotel President and Inderlok.

Thus with a high number of tourist drawers, easy transportation, friendly climatic conditions makes Dehradun an important and a must visit city that also contributes a major chunk in the individual state revenue as well as for India.

Close by Cities :


Haridwar : 54km


Mussorie : 36km


Rishikesh : 30km

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