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Uttarakhand Places to see UTTARAKHAND INFORMATION

Uttarakhand is very popularly known as the Dev Bhoomi or you can also call it as Land of Gods, this is because it is a holy place with various shrines. The valleys and peaks of the state were called as the dwelling place of goddesses and gods.

Glimpse of Culture :

‘Culture’ many ideas, thoughts crawl into your mind when you come across this word and when its comes to the culture of a particular state that becomes interesting as we get to known about a particular state which we haven’t being to and only heard about so knowing about that state becomes really astonishing. The ethnic group which belongs to the culture of Uttarakhand are Bhotia, Buksha, Raji, Jaunsari and Tharu. Uttarakhand people are also known as Paharis. The languages that are spoken in Uttarakhand are Jaunsari, Garhwali, Hindi, Kumaoni, Bhotiya etc. This is the land of Festivals the major festivals that are celebrated here are Devidhura, Kumbh Mela, Nanda Devi Mela, Ardh Kumbh Mela, Gauchar Mela and many more on the list. The cuisine of Uttarakhand is just so yummy the main dishes are like baadi, bhatt ki churdkani, gulgula, kafuli, phaanu, arsa etc.    

Traces from the past :

Uttarakhand was lined in turns by Gupta, Katuris, Pawaras, Himavat, Kedarkhand, Kushanas, Kaniskha, Pauravas, The very first inhabitants that lived in the kumaon and Garhwal were Kuninda. At the time of the medieval period the western part of the region was dominated by the kingdom of Garhwal and the eastern region was dominated by the Kumaon Kingdom. The Indo-Greek civilization brought them to close fellow feeling. The expansion of the Gurkha Empire took place in 1791, over Almora this was a part of the kingdom of Kumaon. Earlier Uttarakhand, which we now call, was a element of United Province of Awadh and Agra. Then the United Province was named as Uttar Pradesh in January 1950, and Uttarakhand stayed as a part of it. On 9th November, 2000 Uttarakhand came to be known as a individual state.

Natural Features :

Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful state in the Northern part of India, when a stunning picturesque surrounding, shrouded with glaciers and Himalayan ranges. The parts on the lower sides are thickly forested. The geographical features of Uttarakhand makes this place an ideal location for walking, trekking and hiking. You can also take the privilege and enjoy the long walks on hills, fields and mountains. The India’s two biggest rivers Yamuna and Ganga have their origin in Uttarakhand. The climate of Uttarakhand is very pleasant, in summers the temperature reaches at 40°C and in winters it’s too much cold wherein the temperature falls below 5 °C sometimes.

Explore Uttarakhand :

With extremely stunning location of the countryside and varied Wildlife and for enjoying the same you will have to take the help of the Safari’s to explore Uttarakhand. There are several kinds of Safari’s that you can enjoy in Uttarakhand they are like elephant safari, jeep safari and horse safari. Giving a brief of the safari’s mentioned above the Jeep safari is the most comfortable one with a open roof gypsy or jeep, comfortable seats, through this jeeps you can travel across the jungles of Uttarakhand viewing the wildlife of Uttarakhand. Elephant safari is a very interesting on to be in, due to the height of the elephant you can have a glimpse of the various birds and insects which you haven’t seen before on the trees while going around in the Safari. Horse safari is the best safari suited for exploring the hilly areas of Uttarakhand.

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