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Uttarakhand Places to see CULTURE

The culture of Uttarakhand cannot be speculated if the lifestyles of the inhabitants are not studied. The tribal communities thriving in Uttarakhand such as Mundar, Khils and Bhutis speak Garhwali and Kumayani languages mostly. They show a great deal of vigor and enthusiasm in celebrating their Festivals. National festivals like Holi, Diwali, Dussera, Navratri, Chrtstmas are a common matter in this state. However, the state has some indigenous festivals too. The festival Shravan symbolizes the arrival of Monsoon and Bhitauli festival is celebrates the bond of brother and sister as they exchange gifts among themselves. Olgia festival is feted to mark the rich harvest of crops in Uttarakhand.

The festivals of Uttarakhand are a vibrant one as the song and dance performed during the festivals are chore graphed wonderfully. Music flows in the air of Uttarakhand and people have a genetic inclination towards music. The exponents of musical domain of Uttarakhand has created milestones in Indian music and the songs of the state are a unique medley of mesmerizing tunes and heart-touching lyrics.

The folk songs of the state have also maintained its richness by offering great tunes. Some of the popular folk songs of Uttarahand are 'Mandals', 'panwaras', somber, 'thadya' , 'khuded', and 'jhoda'.

The great bash of the festivals of Uttarakhand will make dance with the tunes rather than just tapping your feet. After such frenzy, you can recharge yourself with a high standard of culinary delights of Uttarakhand. The state has developed a forte in making vegetarian food items as you will find tangy dishes like Aalu ka gutke, Paalak Tinri , Kaapa, Gaderi ke gutke etc to tantaize your taste buds.

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