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Welcome to the Safaris in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is one of the states in India best known for its countryside locations, atmosphere and wildlife habitats. If you wish to tour the wildlife of the state and also come back safe and sound from the visit, you will have to take safaris to check out the lifestyle of the wild fauna over there. There are various kinds of safaris in Uttarakhand, when you visit to any of its national parks and Wildlife sanctuaries. Most famous of them all are the jeep safari, elephant safari and the horse safari. The last one is more of horse- riding, under adventure, rather than a wild safari. Let us begin with the Jeep safari, and graduate to the others in the course of this page.

Jeep safari :

Uttarakhand is a province in India the beauty of where is too tempting and inviting for a nature and wildlife lover to drop in easily. Before setting foot into any of the wildlife havens and parks in the state, one needs to take a decision of choosing which safari to take to tour through the park. Jeep or gypsy safari, as suggested by most, is the best choice. Comfortable seating, open roof and safe inside the vehicle. The jeep safaris in places like the Corbett National Park can turnout to be memorable, as you can spot most of the diverse and exotic species of Indian wildlife here. Tigers - the main reserves of the park, Langoors, Deer, and numerous varieties of birds are seen here. The Langoors (Indian jungle monkeys) are very mischievous and play and jump around in between the road in the park. Imagine one of them involving into a rapport with you when on foot or another kind of safari. Thinking of a jeep to escape? Well, then I think you got what is the main advantage of jeep safaris in Uttarakhand while touring the wildlife.

Elephant safari :

For those who have turned up here in Uttarakhand for some serious fun and to try new things, I think Elephant Safari would be the ideal safari for them. Most wildlife sanctuaries provide an elephant safari easily, but the Corbett National Park, being one of the largest wildlife havens in the country, gives you more time to spend in with the safari and the wild nature inside. A safari on the elephant’s back, which places you high above the others on foot and in jeep, facilitates a magnificent distant view of the entire park. This is the main advantage of the Elephant safari. You can have a look at all the tree animals and birds, and distant creatures clearly, with a zest. This puts others in a situation of confusion and complex.

Horse safari :

Another of the major safaris in Uttarakhand is the Horse safari or the Horseback safari. For visiting places of wildlife grandeur in the state, which are destined on terrains and hilly regions (like those in Uttarakhand), the Horse safaris are the perfect ones. Horse is an animal known to climb steep slopes and mountains in an effortless manner. So, to be safer in those regions and to enjoy the wildlife tour in the best possible way, a suggestible option is a Horseback safari.

Choose any of the safaris, as per your requirement and budget. Usually, a safari costs around 400 – 500 INR per person. There are variations depending on the age of the person, number of people in a group, the type of safari and region in which the safari is being done. So, have a great time with safaris in Uttarakhand.

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