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Uttarakhand Places to see CHAR DHAM

At a glance :

Region : Uttarakhand, within the Himalaya ranges

Popular Hindu Dhams : Shri Kedarnathji, Yamunotri, Shri Badrinathji and Gangotri

Perfect Time to Visit : Month of April and October

This is one of the holy shrines which is situated in the magical ranges of the Himalayas. Hindi word Char means four Dhams; it contains four pilgrimages such as Gangotri, Badrinath, Yamunotri and Kedarnath, which are known as a religious Char Dham. This pilgrimage attracts millions of pilgrims who not only belong to India but also from all over the world. People visit this holy yatra or journey from earlier times. People not only come to this place to get harmony and peace but they also visit this pilgrimage to come out from hurtful pain and grievances. This was known as Kedarkhand in the earlier scriptures of Hindus.

This pilgrimage has the support of such a huge and beautiful Himalayas; the very beautiful and religious 4 pilgrimages never discontinue the visitors and travelers. This pilgrim yatra, which consists of 4 holy temples Gangotri, Badrinath, Yamunotri and Kedarnath are always found crowded with loving devotees and also those people who are fascinated by the remnants from millions of years. Near this 4 holy Dhams, the divine river such as Ganga River and her floatable channels or tributaries flows. As per legends, the Mother Goddess comes to the earth, in the form of a river, to help the people who were experiencing humanity. But because earth could not handle the huge force of the Ganga River, that’s why she decided to distribute into different small tributaries, each tributaries of the Ganga River is known as the Holy River. These 4 rivers flows near the old Dhams which were earlier known as Mandakini which means Kedarnath, Yamuna means Yamunotri, Alaknanda means Badrinath and Bhagirathi means Gangotri. These 4 Dhams are not only fulfilled by the beautiful scenery created by nature but it also has a very big history. All these aspects are dedicated to the old temples.

All these 4 pilgrimages of Char Dham are situated on a height of around three thousand meters, from over sea level. As per the Geographical calculation, 2 different groups are made such as Gangotri and Yamunotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath, these are the separate groups but their starting location is common and this is Rishikesh. On the Rishikesh's north direction, the Badinath and Kedarnath are laid. From Rishikesh, Yamunotri and Gangotri are on the upside of the north. Among these 4 pilgrimages, two pilgrimages like Gangotri and Badrinath are directly connected to the road, where as you have to do trek for around fifteen kilometers to reach at Kedarnath, if you are going by Gaurikund road. To reach the Yamunotri pilgrim, from Hanuman Chatti, you have to trek for around thirteen kilometer distance.

Following are the 4 pilgrimages, part of the Char Dham :

Gangotri :

This pilgrim is located at the Uttarakhand, on three thousand forty eight meters height. Gangotri is surrounded by the tremendous ranges of the Garhwal Himalayas. The height of this temple is about six meters and it has worn white dress by using white stone of granite, because of this it became a noticeable. Gangotri temple is located in the Bhagirathi River's right bank. After the legend, this holy temple was constructed by the Amar Thapa, he was the General Gorkha. And it was re-constructed by the Jaipur district's king. This temple is belongs to the eighteenth century and it has been contributed to the Mother Goddess Ganga, people believe that Ganga River was came from the heaven, by being the source of life as a response of the Maharaja Bhagirath's attrition.

Shri Badrinathji :

The reside place of the great Lord Vishnu. This pilgrim has been located in the Himalayas, on the three thousand one hundred twenty four meter height. Badrinath temple is situated on the Alaknanda River's left bank. Breathtaking ranges of mountain and clean water rivers increases the delight ness of this religious ancient temple. At one point of time, this place was totally wrapped by the wild berries. This place was popular because of the wild berries garden.

Yamunotri :

This temple is located on a very high place about three thousand three hundred twenty two meters. The Yamuna River's source is Yamunotri. This is major channel of the religious river Ganga. When the legend left from this place, it became Asit Muni's house. He was very popular because of his brilliance. This temple was constructed in the nineteenth century. The idol of Mother Goddess Yamuna, which had been placed in this temple, is carved in the black color marble. In the near by days, this Yamunotri temple was demolished because of the floods and snow on two times, but it was rebuilt on every time.

Shri Kedarnathji :

This holy temple is located in the height of three thousand five hundred eighty one. It has been situated on Mandakini River's banks and Garhwal Himalaya's mountain hills. Kedarnathji temple is contributed to the Lord Shiva. As per the ancient history, this temple was constructed by Pandavas to retrieve them from the sin, that they killed their blood relation brother, while the historical great war of Mahabharata.

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