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Uttarakhand Places to see KEDAR TAAL

Fast Facts :

Situated : 18km away from Gangotri, Uttarakhand,(India)

Height : 15000ft over the sea level

Closest Peak : Thalaysagar Peak

Best season to venture : June-October

Kedar Taal is one of the most beautiful lakes in the state of Uttarakhand.This lake is located at a distance of 18kms away from Gangotri.The Kedar Taal lake is a pristine beauty tucked in the Garhwal (Himalayas) which is a dream destination for nature lovers and adventure freaks. Engraved on the tough mountains it also reflects the snow clad Thalaiyasagar peak.

Quite breathtakingly beautiful and spectacular, the travel to Kedar Taal, Uttarakhand is very ardous.You will have to trek a high distance, to reach this place which is 4000m, high from sea level. Away from the hectic life of the city, visitors take this trek to enjoy the serene beauty of this place and it is worth the effort.

The clean amytal water of this glacial lake is also considered to be a sacred place as the there are many spiritual resemblance attached with this lake. This lake is formed by the melting of the snow of the glaciers of Kedar.It is believed that this lake is contributed by Lord Shiva. The height at which this lake is located can always expect a rich fauna culture. The crystalline Kedar Taal is bordered by lush green forest, which is also the residence of many animals like the Himalayan Black Bear, Bharal, Goral and the blue sheep.

Kedar Taal
is one of the most famous trekking points of Uttarakhand.It clinges the trekkers from all around the globe. It is the base camp for the one who goes to Thalaiyasagar (Sphatiklin), Bhigrupanth and Jogin for trekking. You can also plan for some other points from this place for trekking. It is always recommended to have a guide along with you, as it is a tough journey this trek should only be done by professional trekkers, as it can be quite a strenuous journey for a fresher.

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