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Uttarakhand Places to see UTTARAKHAND WATERFALLS

The north western Himalayan Region, where the wonderful green heaven of Dehradun lies, possesses some of the most adorned striking features of nature - the Uttarakhand Waterfalls. The state is full of hilly areas and mountain peaks. Well, where there’s a will there’s a way; and where there’s a hill there has to be a waterfall. Amidst the moist green beauty of Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, these waterfalls are like peace to the eyes and the mind. These waterfall sites collectively form a set of great tourist attraction when talking of sight seeing in

Most of the Uttarakhand Waterfalls are located in Massoorie and Dehradun. The town of Massoorie is well known for its majestic heavenly beauty. It seems to a nature lover, a delight of self satisfaction. There are the astonishing Kempty Falls a little distance ahead from Massoorie. These waterfalls are situated at a height of over 4,400 feet, and are famous since the times of the British era.

Another name of the Uttarakhand waterfalls is the Sahastra Dhara Waterfalls, located in Dehradun. These falls are well known for the water possessing quite a few medicinal properties, apart from the splendid beauty they are adorned by nature. Not just the waterfalls, but the environs in these places are also quite eye striking. The green hills, the fog curtaining the sky from a clear view, the high hills, the deep valleys and the way the falls plunge into the valleys, forming rivers and streams that add charm to the already awe- inspiring beauty of the locations – Uttarakhand really has a lot in store to surprise its tourists.

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