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Andhra Pradesh Places to see
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Andhra Pradesh Places to see
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Predominantly a Hindu state with 95% share of population as Hindu, Andhra Pradesh surprisingly flaunts Islamic monuments over the glitzy deities of Hindus. The state subtly holds within its precincts silent traditions, extensive history of spiritual scholarship and a strong religious harmony. The richness of Islamic history in Andhra Pradesh is evident in the state’s capital- Hyderabad. Several plush mosques and Islamic monuments is scattered all over Hyderabad. Like an island of Islamic culture in Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad houses stately and opulent Qutb Shahi tomb, most celebrated landmark- Charminar and hint of Urdu flows in air.


Tagged as a land of diverse culture and religion the northern part of Andhra Pradesh displays the existence of Buddhism in the state. The 17.5 m high statue of Gautam Buddha tells a different history of Andhra Predesh. Since 3rd century BC the sate was a vital site for Buddhism as it served as an international center for the religion. At Amravati and Nagarjunakonda the stupas and monasteries still narrates the tale of Buddhism, which once flourished in the state.


Travelers of Andhra find the state an intriguing land for pilgrimage. The divine destinations in Andhra Pradesh are plenty and one can hardly overlook the artistic finesse in the temples situates all over the state. Tirupati happens to be a hyped city for Hindu pilgrimage. The city id dotted with several temples, each of it is has a unique story behind its formation. Lord Venkatesh temple enshrines Balaji and the deity is worshipped in all corners of India.


Historical sites also make their niche in Andhra Pradeh at a tiny village named Lepakshi. The village proudly exhibits marvels of ancient architecture and craftsmanship on the pillars and alls of temples. The colossal structure of Nandi within the premises of temple of Veerabhadra is unique of its kind in entire India. All the temples of Andhra have telltale shrines and deities which raise the curiosity of visitors to know more.


A look at Andhra Pradesh’s bountiful vegetation clearly explains the wealth of wildlife reserve in the state. The state is speckled with numerous sanctuaries and wildlife parks where tourists can enjoy safaris. The tiger reserve at Ethurnagaram wildlife sanctuaries at Warangal is a core land for numerous wild including the intimidating Black Panther. The teeming flora and fauna in the national parks like Nehru Zoological Park and Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is sure to delight its visitors.


The trip to such an exotic state should not be compromised. Plan a trip to Andhra Pradesh and feel the charm of incredible India.

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