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Andhra Pradesh Places to see UNDAVALLI CAVE

Fast Facts :

Location : At the distance of 8 kms from Vijayawada

Houses :
Specimens of Scupltural models and Cut-in architecture

Belongs to : 7th century AD

Main Attraction : Statue of Lord Vishnu

Undavalli Caves are placed in the village of Undavalli of Andhra Pradesh. This cave is located at the distance of 8 kms from Vijayawada and at the distance of 32 kms from the district of Guntur. The location of the caves is facing the Krishna River on the hill top.

History : From the history you can find that the carving of these caves were done in the 7th century. These caves have an association with the Vishnukundin Kings from 420 AD to 620 AD. The Undavalli Cave are dedicated to the Narisimhaswami and the Anantapadmanbha. From the historic findings you can find the evidences of Madhava Reddy who was the ruled this region under the Reddies of Kondaveedu, these caves were empowered to the Anantha Swami. These caves were domicile for the Buddhist monks. The other shirnes of the cave were devoted to Brahma, Shiva and Trimurti. Among the Hindus all over India these temples have grandeur.

Interior : The Undavalli Cave are a fine illustration of the rock-cut architecture of the Indian Buddhists. The main feature of these caves is the Lord Buddha’s statue which is 5m in length. Another attraction is the single granite block which bears the sculpture of Lord Vishnu.

From the study of the caves it is brought out that the sculptures of Vaishnava and Shiva have been added after some time. The architecture of the temple is recognised has from the Chalukyan Style. These sculptures give you an exhibition of the primitive era artisans. Since there is no electricity at this place you need to carry a candle or a torch to have a glimpse of the murals, frescos and many other sculptures.

Natural View : 
Apart from the beauty of architecture of the caves you can also have a look at the surrounding area. You can have a glance at the agricultural sight from the top of the caves. A walk along the river side is also a mind blowing experience to get known to the local people of the region. A boat ride is also a wonderful thing to enjoy. You can also see the sight of children enjoying in the fields with their moms cropping hard.

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