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Andhra Pradesh Places to see ADONI

Quick Bytes :

Location : Andhra Pradesh

Languages : Telugu, Kanadda, English

Temperature Range : In summer, temperature range is 31- 42 degree Celsius, In winter, it varies between 21- 29 degree Celsius

Major Attractions : Adoni Fort, Mantralayam, Ranamandala Konda

Best Visiting Time : All through the year

Adoni is an industrial center that is part of Kurnool District. Also referred to as "Second Mumbai", the place was once under the control of Vijaynagar Empire. Being an important commercial center, there are numerous industries that form part of it. This historical town carries a rich cultural heritage of the bygone dynasties.

History :

The history of Adoni is very rich and diverse. The place was ruled upon by several upon by some very powerful kingdoms. In 16th century, the place was a stronghold of Yadava rulers. It was at this time that the place was called Yadavagiri. The city was under the domain of Bikaner, a princely state then. Later Rajput rulers seized the control. Being the bone of contention for many, a number of battles were fought; in the war between British and Tipu Sultan, the colonists came out to be victorious.

Industries :

Adoni excels in production of grains. There are a number of cotton mills and cloth industries that are present here. Besides, you can also have the glimpse of industries based on sunflower and groundnut. Its gold market is famous through out in Andhra Pradesh. Have a visit to Shroff Bazar which forms the center of the town. The other industries that have thrived here successfully include that producing oil, rice, and vegetables.

Attractions :

Adoni Fort : This fort was constructed about 300 years ago and rests on a granite hill. It is a fine place to be visited.

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