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Andhra Pradesh Places to see CHITTOOR

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Location : Andhra Pradesh

Languages : Telugu, English

Temperature Range : Summer temperature fluctuates between 30 and 43 degree Celsius. In winters, it ranges between 21 and 29 degree Celsius.

Major Attractions : Tirupati, Horsley Hills

Best Visiting Time : Months between October and January

With a population of 37 lakhs, the district of Chittoor is the main administrative center of the state. It is loaded with umpteen religious places that carry immense importance to the devotees visiting it. Resting in the lap of Point Valley, the place is a leading industrial center that excels in the production of grains, peanuts, and sugarcane. It is where the famous Amaron Batteries are present and serves the nation with the production of automobile batteries.

History :

Chittoor was ruled over by different dynasties during different points of time. But unlike other cities, it was never ruled as an administrative whole. The dynasties that had control over the region included Maurayas, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Pandyas, Qutub Shahis, Satvahans, and Mughals, to name a few. Haider Ali of Mysore also gained control over to for sometime. Besides, there were some minor kingdoms that also occupied the territory. These included Bans, Western Gangas, Mayana Nawabs, and Maltis.

Attractions In and Around :

Tirupati : This major tourist attraction lies at 67 kilometers from Chittoor and rests in south of Andhra Pradesh. At this place of extreme religious importance lies a Tirupati Temple consecrated to Sri Venkateswara. This pilgrim center is also referred to as "Temple of seven Hills". The place is among the most visited worship places and is also credited of being the richest such institute.

Chandragiri : This tourist center lies at about 12 kilometers from Tirupati. Earlier, it was the capital of Vijayanagar. Once here, you have the ample opportunity of watching numerous palaces and forts.

Horsley Hills : These hill resorts are the lovely summer retreats. They rest at an altitude of about 1265 meters and offer a pleasant weather. This hill station has luxuriant vegetation and is adorned with shady slopes. Its pure air and soothing surroundings will make your visit a blissful experience.

Thalakona : It is a canopy of forests that is located at 30 kilometers from Tirupati. You can spend time here picnicking and wandering through the jungles.

Kaliasakona Waterfalls : Don’t miss the opportunity to pay a visit to this picturesque place.

Guntipalle : Another nice tourist destination that is situated at about 18 kilometers from Chittoor is Guntipalle. The pillar of Pulligunda here stands nicely with a height of about 213 meters.

Madanpalle : Resting at an altitude of more than 700 meters from sea level, Madanpalle is a health resort that is known for its pleasant surroundings and salubrious climatic conditions.

Puttur : This village has the peculiar distinction of curing any type of fracture by means of special herbs. This feature is well known among all over South India.

Accommodation :

Many accommodation options are available at Chittoor that offer good services. All sorts of hotels weather budget or luxurious are present here. Among the nice places of stay are Mount Pleasant, ADC quarters, Forest Bungalow etc. PWD also provides Inspection Bungalows that are laced with all basic amenities.

Clothing :

As the climate remains hot almost the entire year, it is advisable to carry with you light cotton cloths.

You must have an idea about Chittoor by now and can plan your vacation accordingly.

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