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Andhra Pradesh Places to see CUDDAPAH

Quick Bytes :

Location : Andhra Pradesh

Languages : Telugu, English

Major Attractions : Gorge Fort, Palakonda Mountains

Best Visiting Time : Any time

Cuddapah is an important city of Andhra Pradesh that lies in the southern part of the state. Formerly called "Gadapa" which stands for "gate", the city is flanked by the hills of Palakonda and Nallamala. These days, the city is named YSR district and is a gateway to the sacred Tirumala hill.

History :

Cuddapah is an ancient town that belonged to Chola dynasty in the period between 11th and 15the century. The 16th century was the place controlled by Muslim rulers and in the beginning of 19th century; the place came under the annexation of British rulers. Mayan nabobs also ruled the region for some time. Under the British rule, the city became an important collectorate under the authority of Lord Munro. You can still see the monuments that ere erected by the nabobs.

Attractions :

Gorge Fort : Also called Gandikota Fort, the fort is located near Jammalamadugu. The fort is stretched for about a mile in from north to south.

Palakonda Mountains : Cuddapah's another attraction are the hills of Palakonda. Here, you can see some waterfalls and hilly ranges. A temple of Lord Shiva is also present in the vicinity.

Dargah of Ameen Peer : This shrine of antiquity is visited by the devotees for seeking the blessing of Hussaini saints. The tombs of these saints are present here. According to the believers of the preaching given by saints, the visit to this consecrated place fulfills all the wishes.

Chand Phira Gumbad : This revered place at Cuddapah is the tomb of Mohamed Hussain. Built in square shape, the structure has a dome in its center and is bordered by towering walls.

Chakrayapet Gandi Anjaneya : This place is linked with the story of epic Ramayana; it is the place where Lord Rama stayed for a single day while returning from Lanka. As Hanuman had helped the lord in his search of Sita, Rama installed a statue of Hanuman as a token of respect to his services. In the nearby area, a hill temple is present and is accessible after crossing a river and climbing up the hill. The deity that is worshipped here is Yedulakonda Rayudu.

Mattam of Govinda Swamy : This religious institute of Cuddapah is dedicated to the proliferation of Hindu and Vedic dharma(religions). It was Govinda Swamy who laid the foundation of this revered place.

Alladu Palle : Here, you can see a temple devoted to Veerbhadra Swamy. The sculpted idol of the deity is placed in the interiors and the devotees carry out the ritualistic ceremony called "parana pratishtha". The premises of the temple are located about 6 kilometers from Mydukur.

Ankalaamma Gudur :
Yet another temple that is present at Cuddapah is Ankalaamma Gadur. This sacred place is visited by a large crowd of devotees from all over places near the district. The temple premises are visited by devotees on every Sunday and Thursday.

Navratana Madapam :
A unique distinction of this temple is that Lord Brahma is worshipped in five forms, a feature singular to this shrine. Manu Brahma, Shilpi Brahma, Maya Brahma, Viswagna Brahma, and Twashtar Brahma are the five firms in which the deity is installed. Along with these, more than 100 idols of saints have also been placed in the premises.

Polatala : It lies at Rachvaripalli, a distance of about 25 kilometers from the city of Kadap. Every year, on the occasion of MahaShivratri, a yatra is organized here and is participated by lakhs of devotees.

Joukupalli : At this place, you will see a temple of Siddaguru Swamy. The place is popular for its ethics and rich culture.

Nearby Attractions :

Pushpagiri : This place of temples is situated near Cuddapah. Here, you can have the glimpse of a very old temple. The shrine dedicated to Chennakesava Swamy is quite renowned and is among the largest ones among all the other temples present here. This particular temple is adorned with a lovely gopuram. The interiors are embellished with numerous scenes illustrating scenes from ancient Hindu texts. The other pieces of attraction here are the beautiful pillars that are engraved with images of the gods and goddesses.

Tallapaka : This village of Cuddapah is present at Rajamet mandal. The village is considered blessed with the renowned composer named Vaaggeyakara who was born here. A special place called Dhyana Mandiram is built here as a token of respect to the saint Tallapaka.

Karunagiri : It is a pilgrimage place for Christian devotees; the place is laced with enchanting sceneries and is located near Mydukur.

Accommodation :

There are numerous hotels that are present here and offer all sorts of luxuries.

Visit to Cuddapah can be a cherishable experience for you. The mystic aura that is associated with this place will charm you.

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