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Andhra Pradesh Places to see ELURU

Quick Bytes :

Location : Andhra Pradesh

Languages : Telugu, English

Major Attractions : Buddhist Monuments, Kolleru Bird Sanctuary

Climate : In summers, temperature varies between 30 and 45 degree Celsius; in winters, it ranges between 17 and 31 degree Celsius.

Best Visiting Time : Through out the year

Known by names like Helapuri, Erla Uru, Ellore etc., Eluru is the carpet city of Andhra Pradesh. The place is significant from cultural, industrial, and educational point of view. Lying on the National Highway Number 5, the city gained its present name in 1949. Surrounded by the districts of Krishna and Godavari, it is an important commercial hub.

History :

Eluru, in its earlier years, was a division of Vengi, a Buddhist center. The place was ruled upon by powerful Chalukyas in the period between 8th and 13th century. 15th century saw it under the rule of Kalinga dynasty. The power changed several hands before finally felling to British control. It became part of Godavari district in the year 1859. Recently, the city became Municipal Corporation and a number of nearby villages were merged into it.

Attractions :

Buddhist Monuments : Being a part of an important Buddhist center, you can expect to see here numerous monuments. These historical sites form important tourist destinations.

Mosque : Another important building that forms a site worth visiting is a mosque. The notable feature of this mosque is that it has been constructed from the stones that were once part of temples around Vengi. On one of the stones here, you will see a set of 25 inscriptions.

Kolleru Bird Sanctuary :
Kolleru Lake at Eluru which became a bird sanctuary in the year 1999, is the biggest lake of freshwater. Streams Tammileru and Budameru flow through the sanctuary and acts as a water source to the lake. You will be surprised to know that the sanctuary is inhabited by more than 20 million birds. Both local and migratory birds inhabit this picturesque land. Separate towers have been built to let the visitors watch a wide variety of birds. The place was declared a wetland in 2002. It is a must visit site for avid bird watchers and a great place for ornithologists.

Sport Grounds: There are many stadiums that hold several matches. Alluri Seetharamaraaju is such a stadium.

Other Attractions :

There are many historical places here like Denduluru, Kolleru, and Pedavegi that are worth visiting. The temples dedicated to the deities like Jalapaharesvara and Janardhana are the major attractions of the city.

Nearby Attractions :

Dwarka Tirumala : It takes an hour to reach here from Eluru; The place is frequented by a large number of pilgrims from all over South India. Lord Venkateswara is worshipped here.

Guntupalli : Here, you can enjoy the sight of a number of rock cut caves which form part of Kamavarapukota mandal. You have to travel a distance of about 40 kilometers from the destination in order to reach here. The sculptures present at the site are just marvelous; some of them are monolithic figures that date back to the period between 3rd century BC and 6th century AD. Here, you can also have the glimpse of several Buddhist monasteries and Chaiytas.

Pedavegi : This ancient village comprises of some ruined temples and other structures.

Natta Rameswaram : Here, the visitors can see a Shiva lingam which is constructed from shells. The place becomes crowded with devotees who arrive here to pay their obeisance to the lingam on the occasion of Maha Shivratri. A dip in the water of Gosthani River flowing nearby is considered scared.

Festivities :

Held at Eluru, Vengi Festival is an important festivity that is also simultaneously at Pedavegi and Patteseema. The other festivals that form part of the Culture here are Ramakoti, Bhaleve Theerdham, and Gangalamma jathara (a festival that is celebrated once in 12 years).

Accommodation :

There are many hotels that are present at Vijayavada.

Hospitals :

In case of an emergency, you can seek the medical services at one of the health care centers. One such center is present at Syamala Nagar.

Clothing :

Carry with you light cotton cloths as the summers are quiet hot here.

Cities Nearby :

Vijaywada lies at 80 kilometers while Dwarka Truman is located at 39 kilometers from here.

Unlike other tourist destinations, Eluru has no magnificent structures or luxurious hotels that allure the tourists. Yet, the place's antiquity and its simplicity make your vacation a unique experience.

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