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Andhra Pradesh Places to see HYDERABAD

Quick Bytes :

Location : Andhra Pradesh

Languages : Urdu, Telugu, English

Major Attractions : Charminar, Golconda Fort

Famous For : Cuisine, Old Structures, Bangles

Climate : The summer temperature fluctuates between 28 and 42 degree Celsius; in winters, it varies between 12 and 25 degree Celsius

Best Visiting Time : Any time of the year

Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, is a city of multiple cultures and is endowed with rich cultural heritage that it has preserved since many centuries. Resting atop can Plateau, the city is gifted with many hills, lakes and other natural landscapes. It has inculcated in itself all the elements of ancient and modern. City's antiquity is reflected in its architecture of its minarets and old forts. On other hand, its modern outlook is mirrored in its fast pace progress and establishment of Software Technology Parks. Separated by Hussain Sagar, Hyderabad and Secunderabad are refereed to as twin cities.

History :

The history of Hyderabad is as majestic as the city itself. The city is named after Hyder Mahal who was the wife of Qutub Shah. The foundation of the city was laid in a square shaped plan. It was Qutub Shah who snatched the control from a Bahamani King. As the kingdom at that time was plagued with poverty, financial glitches, and epidemics, Qutub decided to establish a new city, named Hyderabad. The city soon flourished and became one of the wealthiest nations of its time. Its grandness and grandeur attracted Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb who seized Golconda; soon after the decline of Mughal kingdom, the city lost its importance.

Attractions :

Charminar : It comprises of four minarets each occupying one of the corners of the square. The structure is an important mosque of the city. Built by Quli Qutub Shah, the building was built to immortalize the eradication of plague from the city. The architecture is simple, yet elegant. As you will see, it is made in granite and mortar. The dimensions were well planned and allowed public to have the royal view of some of the most important buildings that adored Hyderabad.

Charminar is an impressive monument whose minarets area as high as 48 meters. To access the top floor, you have to take the flight of 149 steps. Overlooking Makkah Masjid, this beautiful monument is surrounded by a market. In its peak time, the market remained flooded with about 14000 shops. Even today, its Ladd Bazaar is a huge crowd puller and attracts tourists by its jewelry and bangles.

Makkah Masjid : A massive mosque that can accommodate about 10000 worshippers at a time is Makkah Masjid. It is distinguished for being the biggest one in the city. The completion of the mosque took a long time. The mosque is an important structure for Muslim devotees.

Golconda Fort : Another renowned tourist attraction that embellishes the city is Golconda Fort. This 13th century structure is laced with granite walls and more than 80 bastions that make the periphery of 7 kilometers. In its hey days, the fort had a road emanating from it and reached Hyderabad. A unique feature that is unique to this first is that the sound of clapping made at the entrance is clearly edible at its top.

Jama Masjid : Being the oldest mosque, Jama Masjid is an important building that forms part of the city. It was built by Qutub Shah in late 16th century.

Salar Jung Museum : A tourist attraction that has won laurels over an over again is Salar Jung Museum. This prized museum comprises of about 40000 items that belong to different historical periods. The place got its avid collection by the untiring efforts of Yusuf Khan. His entire life was spent in collection of works of art and antique pieces. As you visit it, you will see a number of galleries; one such gallery is called Clock Room. It is an accumulation of about 300 clocks. Some of the most unique and hilarious clocks have been placed here.

Birla Mandir : Though Hyderabad is a predominantly inhabited by Muslims and most of its monuments are Islamic, there are a few Hindu temples also that are present here. This impressive building is a big crowd puller. The building material is marble. It took ten years to construct this masterpiece; the devotees pay their obeisance to Lord Venketeshwara at the premises.

Tomb of Qutub Shahi : These tombs belong to the rulers of Qutub Shahi dynasty. The tombs have been constructed in dome shapes and rest on a square base. These are either a single storey or double storey structures. The central portion of the tombs is occupied by burial vaults. You can visit the premises anytime between 9.30 and 4.30 am on all days except Friday.

Nehru Zoological Park : This massive zoo is home to about 250 animal species. Inside, you can have the glimpse of several nocturnal birds, can enjoy lion safari, or just try a train ride. This entertainment park draws the tourists in large numbers.

Raymond's Tomb : The tomb of Michel Raymond is present in Saroornagar; constructed in black granite, this tomb carries a height of 7 meters.

Sanjeeva Park : Named after Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, this entertainment park is the major recreational spot of Andhra Pradesh. Rock garden and a Rose garden are its main highlights. The place is present in the vicinity of Hussein Sagar.

Hussein Sagar : This picnicking spot named after Hussein Shah as a token of thanks by Quli Qutub Shah who was helped by Hussein in getting recovered. This large lake belongs to 16th century.

High Court : This administrative building was constructed near River Musi. Its building is decorated with granite and panel of red sandstone. It took a whopping cost of about 2 millions to complete this colossal structure.

Chowmahalla Palace : Belonging to Hyderabadi Nizams, this exclusive place comprises of four palaces. During its glorious period, it was the venue for accessions by Nizams. Its South Courtyard is its oldest portion and houses palaces like Mahtab Mahal, Aftaab Mahal, and Afzal Mahal. The North Courtyard comprises of Bara Imam. The special feature of this portion is the Persian architecture that is visible in its stucco work. The domes are constructed in Mughal style. The central portion of the palace is occupied by Khilawat Mubarak. You will appreciate the beauty of Durbar Hall that is embellished with pillars. The most spectacular feature of this portion is the set of 19 chandeliers that sparkle with crystals brought from Belgium.

Purani Haveli : This architectural building of Hyderabad was constructed in European style. The place was, earlier, laced with lovely furniture. The renovation and refurbishment of this Haveli were the regular features. Some structures were added to it lately.

Falaknuma Palace: Sprawled over an area of 32 acres, this palace is one of the most elegant places of the city. The word "Falaknuma" means "resembling sky". Made in Italian marble, the place's shape resembles to that of a scorpion. The central part forms the main building. Other additions to the place are Zanana mahal, and Gol Bangla. You will be awe struck by the beauty of prized paintings, English furniture, and Jade collections.

The Residency : The Residency was constructed by British. It is one of the nicest mansions that were ever built in India. As you will see, now the place has been converted to a University for women.

Mountain of Light : This building is a perfect example of extravagance. The famous Kohinoor diamond was extracted from this very place. The place is studded with precious stones, exquisite pearls, and other jewelry.

Attractions Nearby :

Shilparam : This crafts village is located at Madhapur. The place is blessed with immense natural beauty and waterfalls. You can spend leisure time here. The place's traditional art and culture is quiet rich and is worth noticing.

Ocean Park : This theme park is one of its own kind that was ever built here. You can roam about in this amusement park along with your family and enjoy lofty rides and bumping cars here.

Treasure Island : Another attraction that is a perfect picnicking spot is Treasure Island. Laden with lush greenery and simple cottages, this place allows you to relax among natural surroundings.

Osman Sagar : popularly known as Gandhipet, Osman Sagar is situated at 20 kilometers from Hyderabad. Here, you can have the charming view of parks and lakes.

Pearl Bazaar :

The city of Hyderabad is famous throughout worked for its pearls. These precious pieces have been part of royal places since the centuries. Their luster, brilliance and high quality is appreciated across the world. Here, you can find some of the rarest and softest types of pearls that cannot be found anywhere else. In ancient times, the pearl trade was in full vogue and the city's prosperousness under the rulers of Qutub Shahi dynasty is attributed to them. While on a vacation to this city, don’t forget to visit Chandanpet, a village which is dedicated to the art of pearl drilling.

Shopping :

Shopping in the bazaars of Hyderabad is a pleasurable experience. Its Lad Bazaar is an embodiment of the deeply rooted traditional culture. If you are a would-be-bride, the treasure of lovely bangles is all there for you. There are several different types of bangles; while some are made in shellac, others are studded with glasses and gems. The bridal cosmetics and other related items are available at Bridal Bazaar.

At the time of festivities, the area around Charminar is brightly lighted. During Ramzaan season, people do shopping till late at night. As you roam about in the market streets, a fine aroma of kebabs and other food items will fill your nostrils.

The city is also famous for its lacquer and silver works, sweetmeats, clothes and dates. Every where, you will look at burkha wearing women that can be seen shopping. Charminar is the best place for buying peals. If you read to spend a reasonable amount of money, you can get some of the beautiful natural as well as cultured pearls.

Cuisines :

Description of the place remains incomplete without throwing a light on its culinary history. The key ingredients that are used for offering flavor include sesame seed, coconut, peanuts, and tamarind. The delicacies for which city is famous are Gosht (meat of goat), Chicken and Biryani.

Accommodation :

Depending upon your need and preference, you can book budget, moderate or top end hotels here. If you are looking for luxurious accommodations, Taj Krishna, Taj Banjara, and Taj Deccan are good options. These are set amidst tranquil surroundings.

Hospitals :

There is no dearth of good hospitals at Hyderabad. Apollo Hospital, Medwin, Medinova, Osmania Hospital are a few manes in this regard.

Other Information :

In order to have more information, you can contact one of the tourist offices and seek the required information.

The experience of spending vacation at Hyderabad will leave you awe struck; the experience is unparallel and imprint an indelible impression upon your mind.

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