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Andhra Pradesh Places to see MACHILIPATNAM

Quick Bytes :

Location : Andhra Pradesh

Languages :
Telugu, English, Urdu

Major Attractions : Temples and Beaches

Temperature : In summers, mercury levels vary between 27 and 42 degree Celsius; in winters, it fluctuates between 20 and 30 degree Celsius.

Best Visiting Time : Throughout the year

Machilipatnam is a significant fishing port of the state and is also a renowned tourist destination attraction the tourists by its Kalamaki fabrics and other works of art. Bandar and Masulipatnam are the other names by which the city is usually referred to. Adorning the coast of Coromandel, the place is situated near River Krishna. The city's proximity to cities like Hyderabad and Vijaywada makes it one of the important commercial places.

History :

As per the description by Ptolemy, the city existed even in third century B.C. In 16th century, it was part of Golconda city. The city was a major pert for carrying out trading activities in 17th century; it was used by French and Dutch colonizers. When the city fell to British, they too used it for carrying out trade related activities. The harbor here can house 350 vessels meant for fishing. The other products that are exported through it include scientific instruments, rice, and oilseeds.

Attractions :

Temples : Machilipatnam is famous for its magnificent temples. The temple that is especially renowned one is named Sri Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy Temple. Near district center, a temple dedicated to Sai Maharaj attracts the tourist. Here you will see a colossal statue of Sai Baba in his famous sitting position. The sculpture is shaded by the hood of a serpent, commonly called "Sheshnag". The temple is the main attraction of the city. Another temple site that is worth mentioning is Siva Temple at Dattashram.

The temple built in devotion to Panduranga Swamy is a nice pilgrimage place. In the interiors, the devotees worship Lord Vishnu. You can have the glimpse of Sivaganga Temple which is one of the oldest temples that were built here.

Not located very far from Machilipatnam, another temple called Agastheeswara is present. This shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva and celebrates an annual festival that involves a procession of taking out the deities. In the nearby area Gudivada, you can see the ruined stupas. Several other temples dedicated to Lord Shiva are present in the nearby area.

Beaches : There is more to city apart from pilgrimage centers. The scenic beauty is the other aspect of the place and is manifested in the form of pristine beaches. One such hamlet of exquisite beauty is Palletalapalem Beach. Initially, the beach was a port area that acted as a gateway to the country. Here, you will see a bay of shallow waters.

Nearby Attractions :

Kuchipudi : At a distance of about 65 kilometers from Machilipatnam, a village called Kuchipudi is present. The place is popular for its artistic talent and learning.

Gudivada : Another nice destination that lies at about 39 kilometers from here is Gudivada. In the past, there were a plethora of temples that were present in this area. You can see several Buddhist as well as Jain relics.

Ghantasala : This Buddhist pilgrim site and was a place of learning in its hey days.

Art :

The city is famous in the state and pursed for its exquisite art and craft works. Its Kalamkari fabrics are available in many designs. Kalamkari involves dyeing the cloths. It involves the works of intricacy. First an outline is prepared with the help of a bamboo stick; the cloth is dyed with either natural or mineral colors. The whole procedure is quiet elaborate and extensive and involves skill as well as labor.

Block printing and hand painting of Machilipatnam is also famous throughout India. Most of the designs used in these are floral. This art has been practiced since a very long time. Chilkalapudi Bangram or the art of jewelry imitation is also popular here. This special art is also a source of employment to more than 3 lakh artisans. Such jewelry is also exported to the foreign countries like Singapore, Malaysia and many more.

Accommodation :

There are a number of lodges and reasonable rated hotels that provide nice accommodation options to the customers.

Festivals :

A festival that is an important part of city's culture is Shivagangamma Utsavam. Other festivals that are celebrated here are Pandurangaaswamy Utsavam and Suddha Dasami.

Clothing :

Light cottons are recommended here in the season of summer. The Climate usually remains hot throughout the year.

Cities Nearby :

Gudivada (39 kilometers), Manginapudi (10 kilometers), Ghantasala (24 kilometers)

The art and craft of Machilipatnam and its temples of antiquity make the place a worth visiting site.

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