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Andhra Pradesh Places to see ANDHRA PRADESH DANCE AND MUSIC

At a glance :

Region : Andhra Pradesh State

Attractive Spots of Tourist : Puttaparthi, Vijaywada, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Tirupati

Capital City : Hyderabad

Perfect Visiting Time : Month of October and March

India's each and every city different in prime sections such as culture, festival, fashion, music and dance. India is known for the distinctiveness, if you will travel throughout the India country, you will actually realize that it is so much perfect title for the India, because in small aspects also every state of India makes differences within each other, this factor made each state's individual identity. As per the other amazing states of the India, Andhra Pradesh state is also full of magnificent aspects and among those Andhra Pradesh state's dance is a major part of their culture and there people's life. Their dance culture is very ancient and it is carried forward through their tradition. Andhra Pradash state contains various kinds of dance forms like folk, classical etc. this state feels proud on their some especial and unique forms of dance. These forms provide various types of performing art, which are influenced by their culture. This state has made his identity in front of the whole world through its mesmerizing forms of drama, dance and also music.

Kuchipudi Dance :

You must have herd about this dance form; Andhra Pradesh state became popular through this form of dance. Because of this dance form this state got the international face. The name of this dance type came form the village name. This village is located far from the Vijayawada, about sixty kilometers. The situated location of this village is delta regions above side, of Krishna River. From Andhra Pradesh state's hamlet, this dance form has been belonged. Kuchipudi dance form is also known by the name if Kuchelapuram or Kuchelapuri during the century of third.

Everybody knows Andhra Pradesh state because of there elegant and adorable classical dance forms; but this state is also excellent in the folk dance forms. Tribal dance forms of the Andhra Pradesh are very much known. These folk dance types are also supporting to the Andhra Pradesh state's artistic legacy. Through the contribution of the large numbers of tribes, this state had been resided. Andhra Pradesh state is very wealthy in the tribal dances and traditional folk. Folk dances of this state got the stage to perform their talent and traditional culture; you can see the folk dance Andhra Pradesh in any part of this state. There are some popular folk tribal dances such as Dhamal, Bathakamma, Dappu, Gobbi, Vadhyam, Mathuri and Danadaria etc. and also the dances of siddi tribes and Banjaras are popular. All these dance types are normally presented on the festivals of community and also on occasions.

Butta Bommalu :

This is a general folk dance type which is very much famous among the people of Tanku, which is located in the Andhra Pradesh state's district west Godavari. The name of the dance form is very unique, the meaning of this name is basket toys which made by using the woodhusk, cow dung and dry grass. For the dance performance, the artists wear the various types of masks on the shoulders and head also. All these masks make the performer very broad.

Chindu Bhagavatham :

This dance form is derived from the Andhra Pradesh state's district known Nizamabad; and it is still alive form of dance. The performer of this dance wears colorful attires and much multicolored make up. For the rhythmical background, the musician use instruments like table, cymbals and also harmonium.

Lambadi :

Andhra Pradesh state's this dance form is comes from the farmer's routine work such as planting, harvesting and sowing. The Banajari people majorly present this dance form and also Andhra Pradesh state's semi nomadic tribe, which you will get to see in the entire state.

Dappu :

Within the Telagana, this form of dance is majorly enjoyed. The most attractive part of this dance is the musical instrument which used in the performance is created by the skin of goat. This instrument is look similar to drum, which played by the help of sticks. It generates the rhythm through the ankle bells which performers wear. Dappu dance is performed by approximately sixteen to twenty artists.

Tappetagullu :

Within the districts like Vizianagaram and Srikakulam, this tribal dance form is very much famous. Tappetagullu dance form is a religious form, which is done to convince the god, and to get the blessings of rain for the land. This dance is an exact contrast of rhythm, energy and music tempo.

Veeraantyam :

Within the community of Veeramusti of this state, performs this tribal dance form. People believe this form as an inheritor of the Veerabhadra. It is a commercial dance form which present with the combination of musical instrument such as Dolu, Tambura, Veeranam and also Tasha. In the district of east Godavari, at the place of Draksharamam, this Veeramusti community is majorly situated. As per the Hindu mythological history, Lord Shiva did very harsh dance, which was result of disgrace of Lord Shiva's consort. During the dance he opened his tied hair and became Veerbhadra.

Bonalu :

Andhra Pradesh state's in Telangana part, their regional festival called Bonalu is enjoyed. On that festival, all women wore the colorful costumes and present the complicated dance act. While dancing, the performer carries the pots, musical tunes and beats which creates the rhythmic background. They devote this dance to the Mahankali deity of village.

Dhimsa :

On the occasion of the festivals and local fairs this tribal folk dance has been performed, in the valley of Araku which is situated at the district of Vishakhapatanam. For these dance performanc females of this region about fifteen to twenty wore the traditional jewellery and costumes. In the beginning of this dance, they make chain, with the rhythmic sound they starts the dance. The instruments which are used in the dance are like Thudum, Mori and Dappu. These elements played through community's men members.

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Popular Dance And Music Of India
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