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Andhra Pradesh Places to see KUCHIPUDI DANCE

At a glance :

Established In : Andhra Pradesh's district Krishna, village called Kuchipudi

Performed By : Men

Type : Drama Dance Tradition

Kuchipudi's techniques : Elegant body movements and speedy footwork.

This dance form of the Andhra Pradesh is a great tribute to the India's culture. This dance form is divine in it self. This dance form is very much popular because of its attractive factors like elegance, grace and also charm. The name of this dance form Kuchipudi is belongs to the Village's name; there is Kuchipudi village which is located in the district of Krishna. The village has been given birth too many artists and also developed, refined, and protected them, that’s why people like we are enjoying the culture and art of this nation. The techniques which used in this dance form are very fine and graceful, which makes Kuchipudi dance very elegant.

There are many stories which have relevance of the Kuchipudi dance form. as per the 1 story, during the century of thirteenth, there was a man of young age, whose name was Siddhappa, his wedding was decided with a very nice girl. But unknowingly, when his was going in his own wedding, during the river crossing, his boat was immersed in the water of river, at that time he was on the point of being drowned. At this worst time, he started requesting the god for life; in the exchange of his life he promised god that, he will devote his entire life in the God's service. The magic of god happened and he got his life. For him, it was his new life, in his new life he born being a Siddhendra Yogi. He became a very talented poet in Telgu language. While the seventeenth century, this great man formed the Bhama Kalapam dance drama, which is about praising the Lord Krishna. He took all dancers to present this dance form.

All these performers were men; Siddhendra felt that participation of the females may be decrease the art form. This Telgu poet has also written the Parijapaharanam. The dance performance which he had composed was the 1st performance of the Kuchipudi. The belonging of this dance form is from the drama dance tradition or Bhagavata Mela Natakam; this is now popular by the dance style of Kuchipudi. As per the local people believes Kuchipudu dance form has been derived from the village named Kuchipudi. While the thirteenth century, this spiritual forbearance story was born in the India. This dance was so spreader that performance of Kuchipudi dance was presented in Andhra Pradesh state's Nawab court. The execution of this dance performance was so effective that this great person gave the Kuchipudi village as a gift to the performers, and he also did an assurance that all the artists will keep this tradition in the practice and they will perform. After the performance day, all coming generation men this village adopted this dance form into their self. They started using various themes of Indian mythological themes, in their dance act. In whole history of this dance form, many amazing incidents were happened. Their depiction contain so much effective element that, at one time King took very quick but effective decision that to finish the empire of cruel ruler.

This dance form of Andhra Pradesh is fine blend of the three elements that are Nritya, Nritta and Natya. Nritya means a rhythmic act which include a song also; Natya means inclusive drama dance but accompanying characters and story, Nritya is also known as a Sabdams, in this element, the rhythm is executed through the interpretation. The dance technique which makes this dance form much elegant and graceful is their foot work movement and also the carved body movements. The mixture of meaningful hand gestures, stylish imitator and expressive facial expression all these factors are very essential part of the Kuchipudi dance. It also needs very sweet rhythmic song. Some times Kuchipudi act also contain the dialogues which expressed by the performers. Because of whole essential factor Kuchipudi dance form style became amazing and different in the styles of Indian dances. Tarangam is another different characteristic of Kuchipudi dance form. In this the dancers perform the dance over the brass plate's edges. In this dance, they depict very difficult pattern of rhythm, because the artists keep the pot on the head and balance it in the whole performance of the dance. Performers move with the plate of brass on the entire stage by keeping the feet on the strip sometimes. They do the hand movements during the performance but they don't allowed one drop of the water to come outside the pot.

The birth of Kuchipudi dance is a most magnificent change of the Indian dances of classical form, which is related to the religion. This dance form was performed in the shrines only for a very long period and that is also on come temples annual festivals which are only in the temples of Andhra Pradesh. This is not only dance but it is also a drama for the artists which perform this.  From the ancient time, this dance form was presented by only men artists but of Brahmin community. These Brahmin artist's families were majorly known by the name of Bhagavathulu. This sign dance form of Andhra Pradesh is a solo dance form. This form is performed in open space, through the boys and males; they take the dynamic training of dancing, acting and also singing.

In the start of Kuchipudi dance, the artists so few stage rites, so that audience gets the total view of their performance. After that the anchor or Sootradhar and also the music creator comes on the stag, they give a welcome performance by using the cymbals and drums. Then after, every character of the Kuchipudi performance is gives the description of herself and himself over the stage, but with the Daru, means a combined song and dance, particularly for the every character, so that they can explained their individuality and they also get the chance to showcase their art skills. Generally, there are around eighty sequences of dance or Daru, in the Kuchipudi dance. The sweet music which is used in the Kuchipudi dance is a Carnatic classical. In the typical performance, the musical instruments like flute, Mridangam and Violin are used. With all this instruments, the singer sings the song's words.

In the newer generation, this dance performance is converted in the solo types of dance. From the recent years, the restriction over the females has been removed, but still the dramatic look of this dance is remained. Kuchipudi dance's solo dance is very much rich in the speed rhythm, facial expressions and also the movement of swing knee. The arms circular movement is also very graceful movement which captures the attention of the audience. Kuchipudi dance is actually a historical face of the Andhra Pradesh. Don’t miss to give attendance in the Kuchipudi dance program, because it will definitely amazing experience for you.

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