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Andhra Pradesh Places to see LAMBADI DANCE

At a glance :

Region : Entire Andhra Pradesh

Practiced By : Banjara tribe or semi nomadic

This is a tribal dance form is very much popular in the whole Andhra Pradesh state. This dance form also comes under the category of classical dance form. There are numbers of folk dance in the Andhra Pradesh which as created its different identity such as Dhamal, Bathakamma, Dappu, Gobbi, Vadhyam, Dandaria and Mathuri etc. this dance is majorly practiced by the tribe called Lamadi of Andhra Pradesh. This tribe is semi nomadic. In the entire state, you will get to see this tribe, they has been spreader. Even if the tribe's name is Lambadi, but it is famous by the names like Sugalis or Banjaras. Lamadi dance is performed to express the happiness which Lamadi people get because of the good harvesting and expected climate condition. For the performance of Lamadi dance, they wear ornaments like bangles, glass beads, anklets made of brass and glowing jewellery.

This dance form's performance depicts the daily life of the agriculture people or farmer such as planting, reaping, sowing and harvesting etc. they practiced Lamadi dance in the festivals such as Deepavali, Dussehra and Holi. All the dancing tribal people go from one household to another house, but they go with doing dancing moves. The artists of the Lamadi dance wear the gaudy costumes, in costumes they wear lengthy multicolored skirts which designed through the mirrors. They wear ornaments like wide bone bangles in the arms. The unique characteristic of this Lambadi dance, it is dominated by the females. The graceful dancing steps of the dancers make performance more attractive and magnetic. The combination of the dance and music, forces you start the dance. During your Andhra Pradesh state trip, when you will attend this amazing Lambadi dance performance, you will definitely feel your trip is worthy.

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