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Andhra Pradesh Places to see BATAKAMMA

Fast Facts :

Realm : Telangana of Andhra Pradesh, (India)

Celebrated on :
(Asvija shuddha Dasami), September to October

Meaning of Batakamma : Immortal Women

Lionized specially by : the young unmarried girls and women’s

This is a very special carnival is celebrated through great gaiety and fervor in the region of telangana.The meaning of this word is immortal woman. This festival is on for a month .In this festival goddess Batakamma is adored and after a month, the idol is immersed on the lakes and rivers. This is known to be a festival of flowers. This festival falls in the month of September to October on the eve of Asvija Shuddha Dasami.

The fragrance of a Woman :

This fiesta is commemorated to celebrate the glory of womanhood and a heavenly situate in the clan set up. At the time of the festival of Batakamma Goddess Gauri, who is known, as the patron of Womanhood is adored by all women’s with all the piety and devotion.

The Legends :

There are ample of legends related with this festival. As the legend goes, it is believed that this fiesta is lionized in the fond remembrance of a married women “vaishya” who was brutally obliterated through her brother. At the fomentation of his better half. Woman who was murdered is alleged to evidenced herself as flowering tree in the area.

The other legend is : It is believed that Batakamma was the offspring of Chola Dynasty King Dharmangada & Queen Satyavati. It is said that they had 100 sons but had lost them in the arena. The king and queen had offered serious prayers to divinity Lakshmi to be intuitive in their life as their daughter. As Goddess Lakshmi or Batukamma took birth in this palace, many saints from far off had come to the palace to sanctify her and with immortality, thus the name Batukamma or live-everlastingly.

According to other myth :
Goddess Gauri had killed the demon Mahishasura and after this tiring fight, she felt asleep on the eve of Aswayuja Padyami.The devotees of the goddess prayed hard to wake her up from deep sleep and their prayers ere answered as she got up on Dasami day.

Parvati or Batakamma is said to be a great flower lover. Thus, flowers are place on a wooden plank square in shape square bamboo frame. These frames look like the contour of the Gopura Temple. A huge clod of turmeric being placed on the flowers top. This small mountain of flowers is idolized as Goddess Batakamma.This festival is mainly attended by the young unmarried girls.

This festival is also celebrated by the men as they help in setting up the mountain of flowers. Batakamma is feted with gaiety and joy. During this festival, there are dramas, dance performances and music performances, which are the added feature of this festival as many locals and tourists come here to witness this grandeur celebration. Jatras, are the special feature that is held at the time of this holy festival. Do visit Telangana to witness this unique and enduring festival that celebrates the glory and importance of womanhood.

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