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Andhra Pradesh Places to see BHONGIR FORT

At a glance :

Region : Andhra Pradesh, Nalgonda district, Bhongir

Constructed Through : Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya VI

Constructed In : Eleventh century

Structure : Egg shape

Bhongir Fort :

Bhongir fort of Andhra Pradesh state is situated in Nalgonda district's Bhongir Taluk, from Hyderabad city it is far about fifty one kilometers. This fort was built in the egg shape from a humongous one rock, above sea level this fort is located about six hundred nine meters. This ancient fort has been stretched over forty acres land.

As per the believe, Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya VI, who was Chalukya ruler of western part, he had got this fort, during the eleventh century, he had rebuilt it. After his death this fort had got name that is Tribhuvanagiri. After some time, fort's name became Bhongir and Bhuvanagiri. This fort was also connected with Rudramadevi queen's rule and Prataparudra her grandson. The construction style of Chalukyan is very much different, later on it was advanced through its successor Bahamanis, Kakatiyas and Nizams.

Rich Architecture :

The structural planning of this Bhongir fort is really brilliant. Very cleverly, this fort has been made. To get protected from assault of enemy, this fort has been constructed this way. It has big underground chamber, numbers of exit and trap doors. This fort was layered through numbers of stone wall's rows, it has strange formation & it was impassable. The present modern egg shaped castle contains 2 entry routes, from northern side to western, but these 2 entries are secured through big wall on both the sides along with big boulders.

The origin of this wall is rooted very deep down of hill. With boundary of this Bhongir castle, there are steps to reach at rime entrance. You have to climb almost three hundred rock steps. Big basement has been constructed below the prime fort palace to secure themselves from opponent. This Bhongir fort is perfect master piece that displays sculptural and skillful ability of ancient times. The ruined portion of this fort is a nice combination of Sarcenic or Islamic and Hindu Culture along with numbers of carved figures because it contains arches. Bhongir fort's sculptures have intricate steps that are carved in circular shape.

This fort's strong stone stairways are immobile standing; it has nicely built well, bastions, walls and turrets. Here you will also get to see surrounded stonewall. That are standing here for the protection from rich palace within the fort, there are 4 guns, which are placed in 4 sides. Its huge high is a nice advantage of the rulers to get ready to face any threat. If you will compare all Andhra Pradesh state's forts, you will find that as per the strategic point view Bhongir fort is most well planned and well structured castle of this state.

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