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Andhra Pradesh Places to see CHANDRAGIRI FORT

Fast Facts :


Location : At a distance of 12 kms from Tirupati


Built in : 1000 AD


Built By : Immadi Narasimha Yadavaraya


Closed on : Friday


The Vijayanagara conglomerate had Chandragiri has its capital. From Tirupati it is at the distance of 12 kms in the District of Chittoor. The major tourist drawing card of this place is the Mahals and Forts. Vijayanagara Kings renovated the Chandragiri Fort, but earlier in 1000 AD this fort was built by Immadi Narasimha Yadavaraya.


Chandragiri Fort is placed on a granite rock which is 183m in height. The south side of the hill is enwrapped with strong walls, the ruins are now circumvented by a ditch which is currently dry and sometimes it is fed by the natural spring. While excavation it was found that the in the lowers fort it was discovered there are two Mahals, this Mahals are built with brick and stone in the upper and lower parts respectively. The chief building has a gallant look which is known as the ‘Raj Mahal’. The hill on which the fort is placed that is on the eastern side, there is the modern town of Chandragiri.


The Raj Mahal or the Raja Palace is the chief part of the Chandragiri Fort, recently it is been converted into a mind blowing museum of archeology which is a three storeyed building. This bears the fine illustrations of architecture of Indo-Saracen type of the era that belongs to Vijayanagara. There is a Hindu architecture has a crown to the palace. The palace is constructed by timbers, bricks, stones and lime mortars. It has many corridors in series, with rooms and halls which has window balconies. This palace too has a chamber for the audience in the centre that rises from the two storeys. The floors of the palace are embellished with pillars and the walls are ornamented with stuccowork. Near this palace is the another Mahal called has Rani Mahal, comparing with the Raj Mahal it bears varied styles and is small in size. There is a basement which was previously used as the commander quarter is now there is an inscription there.


The Chandragiri Fort is visited by many of the tourists every year. It has a domed chamber and an arcaded Verandha attached to the upper storey. Its tower in the middle of the roof is similar to Raja Mahal. Many damaged Temples of 15 to 16 century stand near to this palace which all has small stone sanctuaries capped by pyramidal brick towers with hemispherical roofs. You can also have the fun of the Sound and Light Show in the voiceover of Amitabh Bachan. Here are two shows one in English and other in Telugu.

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