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Andhra Pradesh Places to see GOLCONDA FORT

At a glance :

Region : Andhra Pradesh, western Hyderabad around eleven kilometers

Popular For : Palaces, Diamond trade, Acoustics, system of water supply

Constructed By : During 1525, Quli Qutub Shah

Attractive Features : Premathi Nritya Mandir, Taramathi Gana Mandir, light & sound show

Golconda Fort :

It is one of the ancient structures and historical monuments of Andhra Pradesh state. The entire personality of this fort is very magical; it is situated in Hyderabad city's western outskirts. Historically this fort is very essential; it actually tells about four hundred years back immense culture. Exploring this historical castle is actually worthy. Golcond fort has been constructed during the year of 1525, by Quli Qutub Shah, even after hundreds of year the Nawabi charm of the fortress is alive, it is a nice structural example that shows grandeur and culture of Nawab.

Rich Architecture :

The splendor architecture of Golconda fort is fabulous in its aural system like resourceful water providing system and structural opulence of palaces. This ancient castle is renowned due to its diamond trade & as per the history the precious Kohinoor diamond was here during the ancient time. Architectural detail work of this fort is really amazing and interesting. This fort has been decorated by gardens, due to climate and many other reasons these gardens are vanishing now, once upon time the entire surrounding area of fort has been covered by huge extensive lawns. This castle is located over granite hill, it is almost one hundred twenty meter high, it is bounded through crenulated battlements that are made of huge sandstone blocks weighing many tones. Design of aeration showcases the creative and brilliant planning of architecture. This fort has been designed in such a manner that pleasant and cool breeze can easily enter inside the fort that is a big relief from hot summer. Golconda fortress's strong gates are dotted by huge pointed iron spine to stop elephants from mauling. The outside wall that is located in the surrounding of Golconda Township this is eleven kilometers big. From the Golconda towards Hyderabad there is a much stretched road of ten kilometers, earlier this road was known for marvelous market, where people used to diamonds, gems and pearls which were very much popular in the entire world.

Let's Go to Old Days :

Earlier period, when Hyderabad city was not even founded, Golconda fort was ruling over Deccan. Actually this was founded through Kakatiya, during the thirteenth century. The structure of Golconda fort has been prolonged through King Qutub Shahi in the strong and muscular fort along with the granite rampart & walls enlarging almost for five kilometers. Golconda fort has been rebuilt through 1st 3 Qutub Shahi Kings, in sixty two years. in the regional Telgu language, Sherpher's hill is famously known as Golla Konda, it has very amazing story. Once upon time, on Mangalavaram, a rocky hill, one small shepherd boy has founded idol. He had informed Kakatiya King about this idol, during that period Kakatiya king was ruling on this region. at that time, King had decided to construct one mud castle in the surrounding area of this holy place. After many years, this fabulous building was prolonged through Qutub Shahi Kings in strong granite fort; this castle was a quite proof of numbers of essential historical moments.

Eye Catching Features :

The most eye catching characteristic of this fort is this fort's acoustics systems. If you will clap at particular point of dome, the echo sound of your clap generates at fort's entrance point. The echo sound even gets to hear at Bala Hissar, it is a highest point and from Golconda fort, it is almost one kilometer away. Here you will get to see many ancient elements that have experienced the presence of Aurangazeb such as factories, palaces, the renowned Rahban Cannon and brilliant water system, all these aspects are used while last seize by the King. During the oldest time, most of the kings were undoubtedly making under ground tunnel, because it was a major strategy or trick which was used by them. In Golconda fort, you are going to get chance to see underground tunnel. This tunnel takes you from Durbar Hall to hill's foot area's any palace. Qutub Shahi King's tomb has been constructed in very elegant Islamic architecture style that is placed on one kilometer away from Golconda's northern outer wall. The splendor Golconda fort has been bounded through landscaped gardens; most of them are nicely carved stone work. Don't forget to attend the Light & sound show organized through tourism department of Andhra Pradesh. In the outer part of the Golconda fort has been divided into 2 separate pavilions constructed on rocky base, such as Premati Nritya Mandir and Taramathi Gana Mandir, at these places famous sisters Premamathi & Taramathi were living. These two sisters were performing over circular dais that has 2 floors structure. Golconda fort also includes Kala Mandir, from durbar of King; this temple is very much visible.

Special Entertaining Feature :

The modern attractive feature of this Golconda fort is Light & Sound show; this show brings old golden life of Golconda fort's life back, through visual & audio effects. This dazzling show lives up Golconda's royal past; you will surely feel that your trip of Andhra Pradesh state is worthy. Lighting show is presented in three languages like Hindi, English & Telgu.

Timings of Show :

During the months of March till October (summer) - 07:00 pm

During the months of November till February (winter)- 06:30pm.

Hindi Show: Friday, Tuesday & Saturday

English Show: Sunday & Wednesday

Telgu Show: Thursday

On every Monday, the show does not present.

Stay :

Hyderabad is one of the well developed cities of India. Finding accommodation facility won't be difficult task for you because here numbers of hotels and resorts are available.

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