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Andhra Pradesh Places to see GOOTY FORT

Fast Facts :

Location : At a distance of 45 kms from Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

Nearby Attraction : Puttaparthi, Lepakshi, Rayadurg Fort, Penukonda Fort, Hemavathi Fort

Best Time To Visit : September To February

How to reach here : Buses are available at regular intervals from most of the cities of this region. You can also avail the autos and cycle rickshaw.

The fort is situated 45-km from Anantapur. This strong castle of Andhra Pradesh state is one of the ancient castles of this state. As the gateway to the south Gooty Fort was coveted by all rulers from the days of the later Vijayanagar Kings till its occupation by British. It has not yet been exactly established as to who constructed this fort.

The initial inscriptions have been written during the seventh century, in Sanskrit and Kannada language. these inscriptions contains mention of Gadha fort, where as Bukka inscription refers Vijayanagar's monarch as 'Fort's king'. During the rule of Murari Rao, Maratha had captured this fort.

As per the records of Gooty Kaifiyat, the fort had been conquered through Mir Jumla, after some time it went under Qutub Shahi Chief's control. During the 1773, this was captured through Haider Ali and finally it went in to the hands of British Empire. Later on the British Government's attack, the one who captured this castle was Zeruwar Khan, earlier he was Brahmin then he converted in to Islam religion. The location of this fort is on high, it is located over Gooty's plain, which is about three hundred meters. It has been built over hillock's westernmost circle. The entire personality of this fortress is big, built in strong rock; even towers are carved in tough stones. You can reach at this castle by walk over paved path firstly this path takes you towards remote urge that is strongly fortified, earlier it was known as Mar Gooty. Later on, path way takes you up side where you will get to see big rock, this is a place here qila or citadel is located.

The Form :

If you will see the entire image of fort, you will find that it is built in shell shape, it comprises fifteen forts along with fifteen prime doors. The strengthening contains ranges of walls linked through fourteen gateways that have been bordered through bastions. Gooty fort's no building includes architectural importance. fort comprises 2 edifices, that looks like powder magazine and gymnasium along with tiny pavilion that is shining by lime stone, which is known as seat of Morari Rao. From this place of fort, you will get fabulous view of entire village located below the fort; there is a saying that Morari Rao's favorite resort was Gooty fort. Here you can see several wells that are located in rock's clefts. One of the well is considered to have linked to stream that is located at hill's foot area.

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