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Andhra Pradesh Places to see ANDHRA PRADESH HILL STATIONS

At a glance :

Region : Andhra Pradesh

Attractive Spots for Tourists :
Putaparthi, Vijaywada, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam & Tirupati

Capital City : Hyderabad

Perfect Visiting Time : Month of October & March

The beautiful state Andhra Pradesh is surrounded by many exotic hill station spots. The hill stations of Andhra Pradesh state are fulfilled by peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. The hill stations which Andhra Pradesh state contains must be dream destinations for most of the tourists' people. People remember the hill stations when they get exhausted by the daily stressful and polluted life. The hill stations of this state are look like they are untouched by any artificial man made creation and pollution. These hill stations are a best source to get the peace and calmness, which is very needful in today's fast life. This state is very well known because of various reasons but hill station of this state is one of the major reasons for the popularity.

The hill station spots are look like, they are decorated by the huge greenery, and these beautiful spots are very much famous because of its pleasant environment and hygienic atmosphere. More than this, the hill stations offers a pure breathing space to the tourist people, which come from the sultry and hot climate. Big landscapes, green trees and descending Clough all these essential factors and undividable portions of the Andhra Pradesh state. Because Andhra Pradesh state is not really populated state that’s why level of pollution is also less in this state, that’s why you will surely feel healthy and fresh in this state's atmosphere. The prime hill stations of the Andhra Pradesh are Araku Valley, Anantagiri Hills and Horsley hills.

Araku Valley :

This hill station is a relaxing spot of spanned Andhra Pradesh state. It is surrounded by the rustic beauty; Araku valley is located on the height of about one thousand and three hundred meters. From the height of this valley, you can assume the deepness of the valley. At this valley, the huge greenery has been grown up because of the sparkling water; at this place you will get to see remote hut area, if you will go there.

Anantagiri Hills :

This is a perfect place, if you are totally tired by your daily routine work and you are hungry to take a break, then Anantagiri hill station of Andhra Pradesh is for you. This is such beautiful and peaceful place that offers a total relaxation. This hill station is full filled by natural refreshing beauty. Because of its prime quiet environment this became a delightful spot of this state.

Horsley Hills :

This is a magnetic place of Andhra Pradesh. It is wrapped in the lofty peaks which are look like touching blue sky. This hill station contain the height about one thousand two hundred sixty five. Through the amazing beauty of this place, it attracts plenty of people. It is located in the Chittoor district, and it is one among the Andhra Pradesh's hill stations.

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