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Andhra Pradesh Places to see HORSLEY HILLS

At a glance :

Region : Andhra Pradesh, from district Tirupati, about 114 kilometers

Altitude Location : 1,265 meters

Close Attractive Spots : Kaundinya sanctuary

Got name afterwards : WD Horsley

This is a mesmerizing hill station spot, where you will get to see high lofty peaks that it is look like trying to touch the blue sky. This is one of the hill stations among the 3 hill stations of the Andhra Pradesh. From the religious place of the Andhra Pradesh, Tirupati this hill station is about 144 kilometers far. After the W.D.Horsley, this beautiful place got this Horsley name. He was the Cuddapah district's collector; he selected this place as a summer destination for residence. The altitude location of this hill station is 1,265 meters. The Chenchu tribes are located at this hill station. This destination is a heaven for the people who got tired by the harsh heat. This is a only cool spot on the western and southern portion of the Andhra Pradesh. While traveling towards this Harsley hill station, you will get to experience the magnetic fragrance of the flowers, which makes the entire path of heaven road. The whole Harsley hill station is bounded by the green color forests which are wrapped by the flora, all these features the entire hill station becomes exotic.

The complete area of the Horsley hills contains flora such as Allamanda, Amla Beedi leaves, Red Sanders, Gulmohar, Bamboo, Reeta, sandalwood, Mahogany, Eucalyptus, Bay leaves, blue gum, Shikakai and Jacaranda. This only Madanapalle is a town which is near to this hill station. The marvelous beauty of this destination attracts the interest of the numbers of tourist people. There is a school called Rishi Valley, it is near to the Horsley hill station. This is one of the best education schools in the whole India. Here you will also get to visit the religion temple of Mallamma, it is located at the center of verdant. Because of this religious shine, this hill station's atmosphere has got spiritual aura. Here you can experience the trekking, but it can be risky because this region contains wild animals such as jungle fowl, bears, panthers, wild dogs and sambars etc. this amazingly beautiful place is also popular by the name of Audhra Ooty. The tribe which is living in this Horsley hills, is popular because of its Pungannur cows, this type of cow eats very less food but it gives more milk. The Kalyani tree is also one of the major attractions of this Horsley hills because this tree is about one hundred fifty years. Around 87 kilometers ahead the Horsley hills, there is a wild sanctuary which is known as a Kundinya sanctuary. To reach at this hill station, you can use air transport, and land on the Banglore and Tirupati, from these airports the distance is about 165 and 160 kilometers. If you feel convenient by rail, then you can get down at Horsley hills, which is on the road of Madanapalle about thirteen kilometers.

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