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Andhra Pradesh Places to see ANDHRA PRADESH INFORMATION

Introduction To Andhra Pradesh :

Andhra Pradesh is fourth largest state with respect to its area and fifth largest by its population. The largest city and the state capital is Hyderabad. The second longest coastline of India around 972 kilometers is found in Andhra Pradesh. It is located in the south east coast of India encompassed by the Bay of Bengal in the east. Andhra Pradesh shares the precincts with Orissa in Northeast, Maharashtra in northwest, Chhattisgarh in north, Tamil Nadu in the south and Karnataka in west. Andhra Pradesh can be divided into 3 parts: Coastal Andhra in the east, Rayalseema in the south and Telangana in the north. The two major rivers residing here are Krishna and Godavari; both of them flow through this state.

Climate :

The climate here is hot & humid. The most important role in determining the weather of Andhra Pradesh is the flow of South - West monsoon winds. The winters here are quite pleasant. Winters are the most beautiful here and generally attract lots and lots of tourists. Summer in this region starts from month of March and ends up to June. The temperature here during summer is higher than the other states. The temperature in winter varies from 13 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius. You have to take the summer clothes while travelling in summer to cope up with the climate of Andhra Pradesh. October to February is the best time to visit to Andhra Pradesh.

Costumes :

Women in Andhra Pradesh wears Saree and Blouse where as men in Andhra Pradesh do wear Kurta and Dhoti. Saree in this region are so beautiful with variety of styles and draping form reveals the woman’s creativity. The wide spectrum and diverse culture here represents the tradition and culture that Andhra Pradesh has. The beautiful designs made on the silk, the pearl jwelley and the exotic garments are most famous here.

History & Culture :

Andhra Pradesh is the place of cultural and historic legacies. It is located at the distance of around 2,75,000 square kilometers. It dates back to the Prehistoric Paleolithic arrangement but it is actually recorded since the 6th Century BC. Since the many years, the grounds of Andhra Pradesh has been proved important for cultural and regimes influences. The state’s history and rich culture has shaped the life of the people resting here. The people here are not only traditional but also ahead with technology and modern equipments. Hence, it is also distinguished as Cyberabad, resting in the Hyderabad where the Charminar and the Golconda dwells on the land of Hyderabad with many offices of IT conglomerates.

Cuisine :

The Hyderabadi-Biryani is very popular in this region and has got wonderful taste along with the many mouth watering dishes.

Languages :

The main languages found here are Andhra Pradesh are Urdu, Telugu, Banjara, Hindi  and even English followed by Oriya, Marathi, Kannada and Tamil.

Religion :

The people in the Andhra Pradesh are highly religious who generally follows their religion with lots of trust and faith in god. The major religion found here are Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. The people here follow all the rituals and practices. Various Temples, churches, mosques, stupas thrive in the region of Andhra Pradesh. However, major religion followed her is Hinduism. Muslims are found in the region Secunderabad and Hyderabad. The tribal here follow their religion and believe in nature.

Hinduism :

Hindus here comprises of 'Kshatriyas', 'Shudras''Brahmins' and ‘Vaishyas’. The other tribes are also present here and they are difficult to sort it out from the integral part of Hindu Community.

Islam :

Muslims here present are 'Syed', 'Shaik', 'Pathan' and'Mughal'. The Muslims are majorly found in the region of Secunderabad and Hyderabad.

Christianity :

 However it doesn’t follow any caste system, yet there is many castes can be seen among the Christians of Andhra Pradesh. It can be seen that there are maximum number of people follows Christianity.

Buddhism :

In the period of 1st century, it is believed that the Buddhism was flourished in Andhra Pradesh. Today, Buddhism is amongst the fourth major religion that is followed here in Andhra Pradesh.

Culture :

The varied and the rich culture of Andhra Pradesh can be seen through harmonious music, elegant dances, ingenious arts, delectable cuisine, creative crafts, wonderful people and glorious religions. In the ancient times, Andhra Pradesh was ruled by many Emperors and Dynasties that depicts its cultural heritage. Because of this history, Andhra Pradesh dwells with the very beautiful and rich culture along with the diverse civilization.

Andhra Pradesh is amongst those state which is counted for its high creativity and intrinsic work it has. The state is bestowed with the glory of ancient treasure. The ethnicity of the Andhra Pradesh can be seen in the form of various communities found here and the religions followed by the people of Andhra Pradesh. They are also gifted with the mouth watering dishes and the rich Nawabi style depicting Royalty. Following are some of the features that comprise the main culture of Andhra Pradesh.

Arts And Crafts :

Andhra Pradesh is an assorted state which covers many aspects of life, all driving from the developing technology to creative arts and crafts. The creative arts and crafts had of Andhra Pradesh have made a remarkable array of paintings, handicrafts and handlooms.

Dances :

Andhra Pradesh is very popular for its rich and varied culture. This amazing state has shown a vast range of performing arts, drama and elegant dance and sizzling music to the entire world. Dance is very interesting and the graceful form that has kept India encouraging and wondering since past many centuries.

Music :

The music of Andhra Pradesh is well known for its rich and varied collection of soothing music. The state is most popular for Thyagaraja, Muthuswami Dixitar and Shyama Sastri which are the three sensation of Carnatic Music Trinity. The presence of Telugu language at every place makes the actual spirit and essence of Carnatic music.

People :

Andhra Pradesh is blessed with several religion, communities, culture and lifestyle varied from place to place. In actual terms, the people of Andhra Pradesh are quite friendly and cultured. The live together in perfect peace, despite of belonging to different religion and castes.

Transportation :

As Andhra Pradesh is very vast state, local transportation does not depends only on the taxis, auto rickshaws, scooters and buses but the transportation also has the rail lines and air planes. To enhance the development of Transportation; Andhra Pradesh Government has come up with its own public transport known as Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC). The major care is taken that this corporation gets connected to all the cities and villages belonging to the state of Andhra Pradesh.

As Andhra Pradesh is a vast state, the vehicles of the state take the longest run in a day. Hence, looking at the way of journey of APSRTC, Guinness Book of World Records has recorded APSRTC. The bus service of APSRTC has played a major role in reaching the remotest village of Andhra Pradesh. Now a days looking at the increasing use of vehicles and fast pace that needs to be inculcate in daily life, APSTRC has started with the express travel that covers many of the cities of the state.

There are 3major National Highways that helps the city to connect to with the entire nation. The roads of the Andhra Pradesh have the vast set of connections which is maintained by both the state and the local government. The auto rickshaws serve to be the most important and the major vehicle of transportation to reach the adjoining villages and cities. The people visiting here can easily hire ranging from the common taxis to the luxurious one that is accessible in the cities and town of Andhra Pradesh.

The airports in Andhra Pradesh gives one of the best service and are situated in Vijaywada, Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam and Tirupati. Besides this, there are many other airports that are made available during the peak travel season to visit the cities within the states. Indian Railways in Andhra Pradesh are very well connected to many cities and villages of Andhra Pradesh. This railway is also connected to the other major parts of Andhra Pradesh.

Water Sports :

Hyderabad is situated in the Deccan tropical region. This region has bestowed with many allied activities and sports. If you are amongst the people who love to do adventure then this is the right place for you. Hyderabad will test to dare factor.

The adventurous sports of this place generally cover the niche tourism that has travelling to the remote places of Andhra Pradesh. The Adventure and the water sports always require the physical and the mental effort with some risk factors.

Following are some of the Adventure :

Para Sailing :

Para sailing is most amazing adventure done here. The activities take place in Hussain Sagar Lake that belongs to Hyderabad. A parachute that is flying high up in the air is the most thrilling experience that you can enjoy. The parachute is attached with motor boat which is managed with the well trained people.

Angling :

One of the very well known adventurous sports can be seen here in the Secret Lake.

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