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Andhra Pradesh Places to see CLIMATE

At a glance :

Region :
Andhra Pradesh state

Main Affecting Elements : Northeast & Southeast monsoons

Climate Type :
Tropical Climate

Perfect Time for Visit : February & October

If you are living in cool and cold climate condition, then you will definitely find this Andhra Pradesh state very hot and humid. This climate condition is permanent here, you won't find various climate conditions in the whole year; you will only get hot weather. As per the season, the climate of Andhra Pradesh is humid, warm or hot and also as per the area. You won't get much variation in the winter and summer temperatures. Andhra Pradesh state's annual average rainfall is about one hundred twenty five centimeters. This state has been distinguished in the 4 zones of climate such as costal zone, plateau zone, Eastern Ghats & deltaic zone. The zone includes majorly the deltas of Krishna & Godavari. Andhra Pradesh state during the May adapts maximum temperature. Within the costal plains the average of rainfall is rapidly decreasing that why the degree of temperature is going high. This zone contains Eastern side Ghats, this one is busted in 2 different parts because of the Godavari & Krishna River's uplands. This region practices the cool winters & mild summers accompanying fog & dew. If you will go to Telangana, you will get to experience the plateau zone, it is not healthy, and this covers the bigger part of whole year.

Temperature :

In Andhra Pradesh, People experience summer season during the months of March - May; at that time the temperature ranges from the twenty to forty degrees. The monsoon season of this state starts in the month of June till the December, but still the weather of the state is keeps sultry & hot. Try to go during the winter season, which comes from the month of October till the February, in this season the temperature changes in the range of thirteen to thirty two.

Rainfall :

Andhra Pradesh state's seaboard & north experiences a very heavy rainfall, which is highest in the whole state. The inch of rainfall changes between the forty to forty five inches. if you will travel on the west, then you will experience the thirty five, then thirty, then twenty five and in the end twenty inches, within the districts, which are situated on the south western area. In this region, the rainfall contains huge importance, because it dominates the state's climate. The whole state's total rainfall's 2/3 comes from southern and western region of the state. The districts like Nellore & Chittoor feels the monsoon of Northeastern, which covers almost 1/3 portion of the totality rainfall of this state. If you will go on the costal part, you will to see very huge rainfall, in few portions of the plateau majorly in the west & north, it is thin. Most of the Andhra Pradesh state's region adapts oncoming monsoon, during the months of June September. In intense south point, it experiences the retreating monsoon, during the month of October & December. This state's costal region is a place, which experiences the cyclones & storms, while the months of November & December.

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