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Andhra Pradesh Places to see COSTUMES

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Costume : Andhra Pradesh state

Popular For : For men kurta, Lambadi and Dhoti dresses, for females blouse & sari

The major and regular cloth of the Andhra Pradesh is sari for the females, and for the males Kurta and Dhoti. As per the history of the costumes, the dhoti of the men is very much old attire of the Indian garment and it is older than the female's sari. Dhoti was dressed by the women and men till the fourteenth century. After that, females' dhoti was extended and it became much larger and also longer. The females started taking cloth on the shoulder part; they were started wearing dhoti from the upper part of the body and from that it became sari. The English version of the term sari is sadi; in the Prakrit language it is called as Sadia and the actual word is belongs to the word of Sanskrit that is Sati, the meaning is band of cloth.

Females of most of all regions dressed sari, even the Muslim religion's females dress blouse and sari. The making of the sari, is actually display the creative work of the females. Some of the females of Muslim community wear the Kameez and Salwar. Men of Christian and Hindu males generally dress Kurta and Dhoti. The males of Muslim religion generally dress pyjamas, rather than wearing the kurtas and dhotis, also the Fez cap. Now days it is not common attire.

People of tribal wear costumes as per their Tradition and Culture. Commonly tribal of Lamabadies which are situated in the Andhra Pradesh state are very much popular because of their unique and noticeable costumes. The Men of the Lambada like to wear regional costumes, whereas folk females wear very nice and attractive multicolored costumes, they wear very high weight attires, which are decorated by the beads and mirrors stitched over the fabric. Females wear large skirts, which are very attractive, they are colored by the many dark shades, majorly they wear red color skirts and also blue, green.

They take a cotton fabric which is similar to the scarf on the head and shoulders. They wear choli or blouse of long hand sleeves, the major design which make their costumes attractive is the detailed work of embroidery. The choli is joining on the back side through the lace, which needs to tie. The costumes of this tribe are very much popular in the Andhra Pradesh and other places because of its bright multicolored and elegant embroidery work. The young people or boy this tribe is wears the pants, chudidaars and shorts. As per the changing world and dressing style, the younger generation's choice also changed, whereas the old people are still preferred wearing the dhotis and saris. Now the tribal people are also accepting the change of time and accepting it.

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