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Andhra Pradesh Places to see CUISINES

Fast Facts :

Situated : Andhra Pradesh.India

Culinary Delicacies : Goongoora, Hyderabadi cuisine, Payasam, Pulihara and Avakkaya

Andhra Pradesh is popular for its spicy and hot cuisines along with the rich and enormous Culture heritage. The Andhra Pradesh cuisines is a blend of authentic Andhra Pradesh cuisine and the Mughal Hyderabadi cuisine that endorses the nonveg cater of the Mughal era. Out of the two cuisines, Hyderabadi cuisine is spicier. The traditional cuisines of Andhra Pradesh are truly finger licking as the use of spices are just to the mark. Every meal starting from lunch, dinner, snacks etc have some kind of specialty within.Th e style of eating differs as the population differs as Hindus and Muslims. Seafood is much more taken lightly in the coastal areas, as most of the Andhra Pradesh populations are vegetarians. The staple food as well as the favorite food of this region is Rice and sambar and also preferred with lentils and vegetables.

Traditional and authentic cuisines of Andhra Pradesh:

Traditionally this type of cuisine is best enjoyed by sitting on small wooden seats and mats and food being served on a green banana leaf. As a green signal that the food can be served, small drops of water is sprinkled over the banana leaf. The first endurance with rice being served with a little amount of ghee. A dry curry is also served with rice. The meal comprises of 5 varieties of dishes. If you want to enjoy the authentic meal then you will have to taste the powders, hot pickles, chutneys etc.At the end of the meal a bit of rice is left to be eaten with curd, as it is believed that this dish gives respite from all the hot spicy alternation had before.

The delicacies :

The primary food of this state is Tamarind rice also called as Pulihara served with hot green chillies.Many types of spices are used to prepare the authentic and mouth watering Andhra vegetables. The non-vegetarian dishes are hot and spicy and been served with different types of rice.

The chutneys and pickles are the most important and popular part o the cuisines of Andhra Pradesh. Mostly these chutneys and powders are made and preserved as they last for too long. The chutneys are made up of vegetables like Brinjals and Tomatoes. One of the most popular chutney is Gongoora that is considered as the specialty of this cuisine. You can also have the lip smacking Mango pickle called as Avakkaya. Prawns and Fish are the staple food for the non vegetarians as there are many major recipes of prawns and fishes you will here. One of the famous recipes includes curry in coconut oil added with sesame and pepper. This preparation is best eaten with hot rice.

Light Bite :

The name concludes something light eaten in the morning and evening. The range is really good here as some of the snacks are really mouth watering like onion vadas, Pakodas, Murku, which is one of the traditional, Andhra Snacks (mixture of rice flours with added spices and fried in hot oil), Appadam, which is likely the famous Appam. The authentic Andhra snacks also include Dosa, Idli, Upma and the major pesarattu which is the authentic Andhra snacks is filled with Upma.Some of the relishing desserts includes: Kakinada Kaja, Bandhar Ladoo, Putharekulu,Booralu and Bobbatlu.

The popular Hyderabadi Cuisine :

Hyderabadi Cuisines takes the entire spotlight, as the king of all the non-veg cuisines.Hyderabadi cuisines is popular for its aromatic and rich nature. The taste of this cuisine cannot be compared as it is the blend of exotic and authentic spices and a mostly uses desi ghee(Pure Ghee).The most important and unique feature of this cuisine is that it uses fresh fruit rather than dried fruits. Lamb is mostly used in all the preparations and is a local favorite.

Biryani, the authentic and mesmerizing dish of all times is a mixture of exotic spices, flavored rice with vegetables or meat.Biryani is the most important integral part of the cuisine.

Mughal Delicacies :

Mughal cuisine has inspired the Hyderabadi cuisine. The exotic style of cooking is still preserved which was started in the period of Asaf Jahi.Thus it is a perfect merge of authentic Mughal flavors added with rich spices.

Non-veg Cuisine :

The Hyderabadi cuisine is known for the mouth-watering nonveg preparations. The preparations have a majestic touch that is prepared with exotic spices and garnishing. There are many types of Biryanis you will get to see once you been to this place.Biryani is a preparation of meat and rice with rich hot spicy flavor. Another famous non-vegetarian dish includes Kebabs, which is minced meat, or meat pieces cooked in different styles like Kalmi, Sheek, Dum Ke Kebabs, Boti Jhammi, Shikampur and Lagan ke Kebabs. Kormas, another delicious cuisine made with vegetables or meat cooked in creamy gravy. You can also try the sweet Lukhmi, which is a pastry.

The month of Ramzan is a very important for the Muslims and also the food lovers. As Hyderabad is a Muslim dominate place many exotic preparations are made in this holy month.Haleem is a meat and lumbered wheat preparation.Keema Methi as the name suggests a blend of leafy vegetable with minced meat. Also, try Nahari which is a Lamb trotters.Chakna, which is a spicy dish made up of meat and Rumali Roti which is a thin bread just like a Handkerchief. Sheer Korma is another popular sweet dish prepared with dry fruits, dates and Sevian.

Vegetarian Food :

There are many dishes for the vegetarians in Hyderabad like the most popular Bagara Baingan that is made up of brinjals.Tomato Qoot:  it is a puree of tomato and flavors.Shahi Dahi Vadas is another popular dish made from lentil dumplings dipped in Yoghurt sauce.Mirch ka salan, this is a dish of chilies in rich creamy gravy.

Desserts :

The desserts are quite popular as the ranges include: Double ka Meetha that is made from cashew nut and bread .Another famous dish includes Qubani Ka Meetha, which is an apricot dessert.Ande ka Piyosa is made with almonds, purified butter and eggs.Badam ki Jhab is a candy and the popular Dil e Firdaus is a rich milky sweet are some of the most popular sweet dishes of Hyderabad. Apart from the all, these mouth watering delicacies you can also enjoy fruits like grapes, anabshahi, mangoes and custard apples. After the gastronomic journeys do, end it with the special Hyderabad pan. Many small and big hotels serve Hyderabadi cuisines.

The popular Chowki Dinner :

The chowki dinner of this state is very popular. This dinner is provided by the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Board. The authentic Chowki Dinner is dished out on a low-rise table also known as chowki around which eight people can enjoy the meal. This meal is dished out in the authentic Nawabi style, where the cuisine id dished course after course. The exotic meal is accompanied by deccan ambience, traditional entertainment and enjoyment.

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