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Andhra Pradesh Places to see CULTURE

Cultural heritage of every state is a manifestation of the nature of people living in it. At Andhra Pradesh one can well infer the cultural richness by its wealth of folk dances. The tribals of the state have different forms of entertaining dance forms. 'Lambadi', 'Dhimsa', 'Bathakamma', 'Dhamal', 'Mathuri' and 'Dappu' are some of the dance forms practices by the Tribal People of Andhra Pradesh.

The rudimentary lifestyle of the tribal people is displayed by the deities their worship. Every tribal group in the state has a fundamental common interest; they all believe in worshipping nature. Every tribal group has a unique piece of nature for worship.

Mostly Hindu Festivals are celebrated in Andhra Pradesh in pompous way. Almost all the typical Hindu festivals like Deepavali, Dusshera, Rama Navami, Vinayaka Chavithi (popular as Ganesh Chaturthi in other parts and Maha Shivaratri are celebrated in Andhra Pradesh. Tourists get to see much of pomp and gaiety in such festivals.

The domain of culture in Andhra Pradesh is dominated by its art and craft. Traditional crafts of the state includes a range of different forms such leather puppets, Ikat weaving, Kalamkari etc. A vital production center of renowned lightwood toys is Kondapalli. The craftsmen of Andhra are talented and innovative as well. One of their innovations is inlaying silver over black metals. This invention has produced a range of dazzling artwork tagged as Bidri.

If the metal work of Andhra Pradesh boasts its innovative work then the threadwork of the state proclaims equal brilliance. The native costumes of Andhra Pradesh displays different kinds of saris, blouses and kurtas created by skillful stitching of threads. Lambadies is a tribal costume of the state that is famous for its use of vibrant colors.

As the state shows a harmony of different religions the cuisines reflect this variety as well. Here one can find spiciest foods in whole of India. The traditional meal of Andhra is served on a banana leaf with the main food as rice. The rice is served with lentils, sambar, dry curry and ghee. A traditional dish also proved hot pickles to add a flavor of spice into the dish. Curd is served as a finishing dish in traditional meals. Snacks are common food and Murku is a forte in Andhra’s kitchen. Murku is made of rice balls that are deep fried in oil. The Cuisines of Andhra also offer an array of non-vegetarian Muhglai delicacies.

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