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Andhra Pradesh Places to see CHARMINAR

Quick Five :

  • Location : Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

  • Popularly Known as : The Arc De Triomphe of the East

  • Constructed by : Quli Qutub Shah

  • Constructed in : 1591

Charminar, Andhra Pradesh, India  :

Charminar is among the prominent and gorgeous monuments in Andhra Pradesh. It is a spectacular piece of architecture which is placed in the hub of the city constructed in 1591 by Quli Qutub Shah. The remarkable monument is the mark of the Hyderabad. Charminar is popularly known as “The Arc de triomphe of the East”. It is regarded as the fabled masterwork of Qutub Shahi’s.

This beautiful structure derives its name from four intricately engraved minarets. The meaning of four graceful minarets exactly means ‘Four Minars’, rises to an elevation of 48.7 m above the ground. It is situated between the colorful shops of Lad Bazaar with the sparkling customary bangles in the old city. Mammoth in its size, this daunting monument emanates a charm that is more than 400 years old.

Charminar has attracted numerous tourists and is still attracting thousand of tourist every year. People enjoy the beautiful architecture and remembers the by gone glorious time of Qutub Shahi.

The Sovereignty of Qutub Shahi :

The history of Hyderabad starts from the company of the Qutub Shahi Empire. Due to the meagerness of water and regular outbreaks of cholera and plague, Quli Qutub Shah founded the new city and constructed the Charminar in the middle of the city and built four great roads going four prime directions.

The plan is a quadrangle with all side of 20 m long and the four arches are around 11m broad and rises 20 m from the pedestal. The minarets are of four storyed that rises 20 m from the roof of the giant monument and measures 24 m from the pedestal. There is a mosque in the western section of the roof which ranks building that the artisans of Qutub Shahi ever constructed.

The spaces for prayers are 45 with a huge open space in the front to accommodate more people for the prayers that are held on Friday. There is a beautiful verandah to the east of this space which has huge open arch inn the middle, edged by minor ones on both sides.

An Illustration of Indo-Sarcenic Ritual :

It was constructed with lime-mortar and granite. It is a beautiful combination of Islamic and ‘Cazia’ style of architecture. The domes and the entangled arches are the best examples of typical style of Islamic architecture. The elegant floral design at the top of Charminar is enthralling. The tradition of Indo-Saracenic depicts in Charminar - a mutualism of Hindu and the Muslim custom that has woven the magical rich Deccan culture. In the night particularly the Charminar looks stunning when it is illuminated.

The picturesque view of the city and Golconda Fort is provided which takes us to the gone by time and recapitulates the past glory of Hyderabad in the period of Outub Shahi. Charminar is an undividable element in history of Hyderabad.

Accommodation :

As Hyderabad being the capital city and is one of the famous places which is full with tourist from all over the world. There are many luxurious hotels available that has some best rooms and some amazing service. There are also small hotels available in the city which has some good rooms and basic facilities. For more affordable accommodation one can stay in lodges which are available in the city with some basic facilities.

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