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At a glance :

Region : Andhra Pradesh, district Guntur, Sattenapalli taluk

Popular as : wonder archeological museum

Displays : Monographs, sculptures of Kakatiya periods and Chalukyan western

Period of : Third to twelfth century

This museum is situates on the Krishna river. Amaravati is a very tiny town; this place also contains religious importance because it is a prime pilgrimage spot, which comes under the district Guntur, of Andhra Pradesh. As this place is spiritual pilgrimage, it consist archeological museum which displays the Amaravati place's history. At Amaravati town, you will get to see 3 galleries, these galleries displays the various cultures, traditions and also explorations. In the 1st gallery, which is also popular by key gallery. Here you will get to see Amaravati town's traditions and culture. It is at the center of the purnakumbha and lotus, these are drum slabs. The Lord Buddha has been showcased symbolically, through the type Svastika. There is a Buddha's structure which is in standing position, it is oldest structure, made in during the eighth century, and this gives a unique aura to this museum.

After visiting this museum, you will defiantly realize why this museum is so important, because of so much old structure. Here you can see the sculpture which belongs to the second century. This sculpture is an Yakshi and the tradition of Bharhut. This Amravti town's museum also includes the images of Buddha and Asoka from the Dharma Chakra and Alluru. While seeing the historical structure, you will surely surprise by the huge bull with ornaments, this is belongs to the period of Satavahana; this sculpture UN doubtly receive appreciation from the tourists. Archeological museum of the Amaravati also contain the other artifacts like Vajrayana period's images, garland, some structure of Jain Tirthankara's period. This museum showcases the disappearance of Gautama Siddhartha from home, Nalagiri's episode, female worshipping the Lord Buddha's feet, earlier period's Lakshmi, Ganesani & Ganesa forms etc. the historical items which you will you get to see at this archeological museum, you will hardly get to see anywhere else. This actually shows the older image of the Andhra Pradesh state. You can visit this museum during the visiting time that is from 10:00am to 05:00pm, don’t go on Friday. To experience those rich ancient structures, you have to pay some amount that is 2 Rs. for each person. You can go by rail; because you can get down at either Vijaywada railway station or Guntur station, these 2 stations are closest railway stations from archeological museum at Amaravati. By road is also good option, as this town is well connected by roads.

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