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Andhra Pradesh Places to see KOLANUPAKA MUSEUM

At a glance :

Region : Andhra Pradesh, district Warangal, from Aler around six kilomerters & from city Hyderabad about eighty kilometers.

Uniqueness : Someswara shrine's architecture

Architecture Style : Kakatiyan & Chalukyan styles

Andhra Pradesh state's Kolanupaka town is a very small town, but it is very well known because of the museums, which are situated their. During the 11th century, this town came to eminence. This town became capital Kalyani Chalukya's kingdom. In the current time, Andhra Pradesh state's rest of the parts are nicely connected with this town. The distance between Aler & Kolanupaka is around six kilometers, and it can cover through railways and roadways; that’s why for there would not be any problem to reach at this town to explore the Kolanupaka museum. By the initiative of State Department of Archeology, the Kolanupaka museum was established. This museum has a rich perseverance of artifacts & archeology. Because of the responsible step of State Department, people getting an opportunity to experience the old historical items, which they hardly get to see. This museum has collected all the ancient essential items from the different oldest monuments, which has been located in the Kolanupaka.

The historical items has been displayed in this museum are belongs to the Kakatiya dynasty & Chalukya, where they were ruled in their period. You will defiantly like those historical images, which depict the oldest civilization in this museum. Kolanupaka museum has round hundreds of pictures, founded in the Kolanupaka. The specialist of this museum is Someswara shrine's architecture. The major help of this museum got to the researcher; those who do research over the calligraphy & sculpture, belongs to the Kakatiyan & Chalukyan dynasty. Museums plays prime role in storing the older memory, which are as valuable as any thing, to know & understand the ancient period. To enter into this museum, you need not to pay any amount as fee, it is free. You can visit this museum in the visiting time that is 10:30m to 00:05pm. Here you can not take photos, it is restricted. You can reach at Kolanuaka museum through road or rail transport, till the Aler you can reach by rail or bus & from there you can take rickshaws or tongas. There are hotels and resort at Warangal & Hyderabad, here you can stay.

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