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Fast Facts :

Location : Andhra Pradesh, India

Known For : Beaches, Temples, Monuments etc

The state of Andhra Pradesh, abodes affluent ritual, magnificent natural beauty, past implication and pilgrimage hub. AndhraPradesh is home to all the religious right from Muslims to Hindus.

Now on a pathway to hi-tech modernism tourist attraction in this state is put to attain novel aims in the way of innovations.

You would get to see numerous tourist destinations in this state like

  • Striking beaches

  • Temples

  • Wild Life sanctuary

  • Hill Stations etc

Some of the exotic locales include:

Naubat Pahad :

This is a twin hillock located in the centre of the city of Hyderabad and is also known as Kala Pahad. The color of the hill is black because of (Granite). An interesting fact is attached with this Pahad as this hill was used to pass out messages using a huge drum. The view from the hillock is really mesmerizing as it lets out an enchanting view of Hyderabad city.

Osman Sagar :

This lake is positioned at a distance of (twenty kms) from the capital city of Hyderabad. This lake acts as a premium source of clean drinking water for (the capital city of Hyderabad and neighboring city of Secunderabad). This lake is an ideallic morning and evening spot when you can stroll and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and the cool breeze rushing across your face.

Ramoji Film City :

Ramoji Film City is considered to be a unique gift given by Mr Ramoji Rao to Indian Cinema. This city is positioned in the peripherals of the twin cities. This place has got world recognition for its specialized designs and comprehensive film production hub. A visit to the Ramoji Film City will be an enthralling experience as you never know your favorite superstar might be shooting inside the premises.

Nagari Hills :

Nagari Hills, known for its elusive and mystic beauty and is famous as a picnic spot. This cliff also is famous amid mountaineers and trekkers. There is an old light house that looks very delightful and charming. This light house was a major pointer for the medieval period sailors in the Bay of Bengal.

Nizamsagar :

This is a famous reservoir that was created over Manjira stream. Nizamsagar is a beautiful watery place that attracts many tourists.

Pillalamarri :

Banyan Tree which is of great interest amongst all the tourists who gets attracted towards this (700 years old) is a great scene. This tree abodes a grave of (Muslim Saint),a zoo and archaeological museum.

Sanjeevaiah Park :

A famous Recreational Hub positioned closed to the elegant Hussain Sagar Lake. These centre abodes a rock garden, rose garden and floral clock. A favorite spot for children, joggers and strollers is always engaged with visitors.

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam :

It is the world’s third biggest dam and is an important source of water for the state of Andhra Pradesh. Nagar Juna Sagar Lake forms one of the important Tourists spot.

Ocean Park :

Ocean Park, first theme park of Andhra Pradesh with attractions like kiddies pool, slam bomb, Dry Rides etc. This is the perfect place for a one day picnic. This place also offers accommodation and is one of the busiest place in weekends and vacations.

These were some of the exclusive locations; there are many other important places in this state that offers alluring beauty and cultural aspects.

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