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In the south of India Andhra Pradesh is bordered by Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Orissa which is in the north. In the east of Andhra Pradesh is Bay of Bengal, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to the west and south respectively.  Hyderabad carries rich cultural legacy, been the capital city of Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh ranks second in the country for its richness in minerals. The main industries of the state are Construction, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Business Management and Pharmaceuticals. The main language spoken here is Telugu. The other languages spoken here are Hindi, Urdu, and Tamil.

Andhra Pradesh has achieved tremendous importance and prestige in the earlier years; this was for its excellence in the field of  drama, dance and music. Its is considered to be one of the principle states in India for the contribution of people living here in the Arts & Crafts of Andhra Pradesh. The major inhabitants that are found here are the hill dwellers, original inhabitants and the tribal people. The dances which these people have designed on their own as won the hearts of the people all over the globe. As an art form in Andhra Pradesh, dance is classified as Religious Dance, dance as a past time and Social Dance. Artifacts like wooden items and leather has also gained recognition apart from dance.

A lovely performing art, Kuchipudi as its origin from Andhra Pradesh. The special mention is deserved for the Peacock Dance; this is a specialty of Khonds residing in the Bison Hills, this dance can be recognised when the dancers moves in circles around the audience, giving the impression of peacocks spreading their canopies of multicolored feathers. The Khonds are the people living in the hills, these are the backward tribes, and they perform this dance in the month of April to celebrate the marriage festival. Pirodi is the dance form which is performed without music this is only accompanied with the flute and bells. The dancers here wear a white dhoti on their waist and their anklets as the tinkling bells which keep the rhythm and the dancers also wear a turban on their heads. The appearance of this dance is energetic and charming; this creates a gentle effect to the eyes of the people watching the dance. The anklets here are popularly known as Muyyangam.

Andhra Pradesh has the Hyderabadi Pearl which comes from Birdi wares and wide range of designs. These are the flower vases of different sizes and shapes. The Dokora style of Metal Casting is used in designing of bells, this is well known all over the world. Hand knitted carpets is very popular for its rich and expensive designs. Apart from the above mentioned arts Andhra Pradesh has many items like Kalamkari Paintings, Siler Filgee, Folk Paintings and Wood Carvings.

There is no lack of the high-spirited tradition and culture in Andhra Pradesh. The tradition and culture in the state has a special place reserved for it :

Handicrafts : This as a noteworthy feature of the Indian art & craft. Andhra Pradesh also contributes to it with its astonishing handicraft. The artisans here still make bizarre handicrafts with adroitness. Be it a bronze castings or needle craft, stone craft or metal craft, this state has variety of handicrafts that can be part of your lifestyle.

Paintings :
This state as a varied and rich culture of eye-catching paintings. This tradition is very old here. The paintings are on canvas with natural colors. 

Handlooms : There is an ancient institution of hand-woven fabrics in Andhra Pradesh. This as most exclusive dress materials and sarees that has distinctive and delicate designs. Here each saree bears an intricate ‘pallu’ with delicate work of gold thread.  

Bidri Craft :
This involves a elegant silver inlay on metals. There are many legends for the entry and exit in Andhra Pradesh and into the country. 

Lacquer Ware :
This is the craft mainly found in Andhra Pradesh at Etikoppaka. This involves pleasing shades application on lacquer wood to give a characteristic appeal. 

Veena Manufacturing :
The oldest instrument Saraswati Veena is manufactured in Andhra Pradesh at Bobbili. This instrument is an integral part of the Carnatic music which is recognised all over the world for its harmony and melody.

Durgi Stone Craft : This craft was originated in Durgi and is the most famous. Some masterpiece of this craft can be found in Nagarjunakonda Museum.

Chirala Textiles :
This textile is used by using oil in large quantity that is used in preparing yarn for weaving. This fabric before getting dyed with selected colors is wrapped with wax just one day prior.

Eluru Carpets: Persians brought this art form to India; these were those who migrated to Andhra Pradesh in the regime of Muhammaddin. This is famous for its woolen pile carpet industry.

There are many forms of art & culture that exists in Andhra Pradesh that are like Bronze Casting, Budithi Brassware, Pembarthi Metal Crafts, Ikat Weaving Handlooms, Gadwal Saris, and Kondapalli Toys etc.

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