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Andhra Pradesh Places to see AHOBILAM

At a glance :

Region : District Kurnool, from Nandyal town, about seventy four kilometers

Architecture Style : Vijayanagar

Dedicated to : 9 forms of Lord Narasimha

Unique Features : Lord Narasimha's 9 temples

This pilgrimage is a beautiful spiritual place, through available relic.This pilgrimage is situated about seventy four kilometers far from the town of Nandyal and from town Allagaddal, distance is about twenty six kilometers.This is a very important religious point, majorly for Vishnavites. Ahobilam is separated in the 2 parts like upper Ahobilam and lower Ahobilam. The higher Ahobilam is about two thousand eight hundred over the level of sea. The hills two peaks are known as Gaurdadri & Vedadri. By this the holy Teertham and Bhavanasani run. The Teertham River is distinguished in the 2 and it combines the Pennar and Kumadavati. This river flows in the internal side of the course. This place is called as Singavel Kundram. This shrine comes at the center of 3 Prakara, it was constructed in the architecture style of the Vijaynagar.

In the higher Ahobilam's lord is known as a Swayambhu, means it is a self-visible. Behind the origin of the Ahobilam, 2 famous legends are responsible. As per the mythology, Devdas was a witness of the situation of the Lord's Ugrakala and his dangerous look, which he had while he was making Hiranyakasipu's pieces; he expressed this through singing a song into the praise, from that time this pilgrimage got the name Ahobilam. Another mythological story is based on the caves, here Garuda worshipped the Lord and he started believing in the God, that’s why it got a name Ahobila. Within these hills, Chenchus tribe is residing. The down side of the hill is a lower Ahobilam, this part is submitted to the Lord Narasimha. This lord is one avatar of Lord Vishnu's Dasha avatars. This avatar he generated when he killed the Hiranyakashyapu devil. You need to go from the lower hill at reach at the upper part of the hill, where you will get to worship the Lord Narasima's 9 forms which are called as Navanarasimha. Close area of this shrine, you will get to see the Alwar Koneru, this offers a pure drinking water.

From the major temple, about the distance of mile, you will reach at the first form of the Narasimha that is Chatravata. This is very beautiful religious place; the picture of the deity is carved below the tree of Pippal, this tree is bounded by the sharp bushes. The second form is Yogananda. As per the legend, after killing the Hiranyakasipu devil, Prahlada got the lesson of disciple from the Lord Narasimha. Because of the different types of postures of this lord, it was called as Yogananda. This form's shrine is very beautiful accompanying gopura and mandapa. As per the mythological record, many great saints like Gobhila, Maha Rishis and Bharadwaja did a Tapascharya at this holy place; to remove their sins. The 3rd form is Karanda Narasimha, which is situated over the path of hill, around 6 miles. The 4th form is Guha Narasimha, shrine is located in the close area of the Yogananda Narasimha's temple. There is big pillar at the doorway of this shrine. The fifth form is Ugra Narasimha, temple is situated at the hill's southern slope. There is story behind this form is Lord Vishnu generated his Ugra Narasimha form and he destroyed the devil, when Hiranyakasipu was questioning Praladh, to show the proof of the presence of Lord Vishnu in the pillar. People say, the pillar which is available at this shrine is a same pillar. The sixth Kroda Narasimha is praised but in the figure of pig, which is situated near the Ugra Narasimha's temple. This is a very holy place, because this place has the touch of Varahakanda and Satakshari Japa, they were resided here for 3 days. The seventh form of Narasimha is Malola Narasimha installed in very beautiful shrine. It is situated about 2 miles from the shrine of Kroda Narasimha. There is a goddess Santaroopa, Goddess mother Lakshmi always shows in the form of this goddess. The popular king of called Kakathiya had gifted gold Utsava Vigraha. This is worshipped by the religious prophets of the Ahobilam pilgrimage, which are known as Ahobilam Jeers. The eighth form of the Narasimha is Jwala. This form has 8 arms. This shrine's place is a exact location, where angered Narasimha tore the Hiranyakasipu devil. Near to this temple, the ninth form of the Narasimha is located, that is Pavana Narasimha. There is saying that, at this place the worship of Narasimha practiced in the form of Shakta. The pilgrims celebrate the festival of Sri LakshmiNarasimha Swami Bramotsavam in very year; the duration of the festival is 4 days. The huge amount of crowd comes to this place, to celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm.

Reaching at this place is easy. You can either come by road or rail transport. From the north side, you can arrive at Nandyal railway station. If you want to go by bus, and then take a bus from the Nandyal, the distance is about 30 miles. Another route is from the Dhone railway station, you also get at this station and through Koilakuntla and Banganapalli you will reach at Ahobilam. For stay, there is a rest house called Lakshmi Nilayam, where you can take a rest.

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