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Andhra Pradesh Places to see AMARAVATI

At a glance :

Region : District Guntur's Sattenapalli Talunk

Major Feature : Huge Buddha Stupa

Relevance : Archeological Place

Popular For : Highest Buddha stupa in the whole country

Guntur district's Sattenapalli Taluk is a place, where Amaravati pilgrimage has been located. This pilgrimage is popular because this shrine is seat of Lord Shiva. Here you will get the chance to view the beautiful sculptures of Buddhist and Lord Amareswara, these characteristics are very much popular. Because of 3 factors, Amareswaram is believed to be the holy place, Sthalamahatyam, Krishna River and Sri Mahalinga Murthy. All these three aspects are emerged into one. This pilgrimage place was the Satavahana Dynasty's capital. This dynasty was ruled for about 4 centuries and it was also a historical Buddhist point of the region.

Pilgrimage is popular because of the funds donated by the Buddhist culture's remnants such as murals, carvings sculptured panels. Through this Mahastupa, pilgrimage got the popularity, because this it has highest Buddhist stupa in entire country. This holy stupa is made of marble, the height is about six feet and width is 36.5 feet. It was deadened by circling way, in the third century it was founded. Within the local region, it is called as hillock or Deepaladinne. The actual maker of this pilgrimage is yet nobody knows but pieces of column have been spread in the surrounding area. It shows the connection with the Ashoka, he was the brave emperor of the Mauryan, during the third century. This stupa contains many small artifact caskets; this is a major attractive point of the Buddhist religion. This pilgrimage is an example of the brick stupas; the slab of stone is facing lower and drum portion of the stupa's dome. This is opulently carved and sculptures during the flourishing days. The beautiful carving has been used to decorate the outside and inside part of the stupa and too over the base of drum. This stupa has been placed in the Chennai's Government Museum.

This pilgrimage is a holy place because here you can see the 5 forms of the Lord Shiva, such as Agasteswara, Parthiveswara, Pranaveswara, Someswara and Kosaleswara. At this place, Lord Amareswara had been praised accompanying his companion Bala Chamundika, is believed to be the fourth god about eighteen goddess. In the inside portion of the temple, there are many deities. The interesting thing about this temple is still the origin of this shrine is not founded, many puranic, legends and historical tried but they still didn't find it. This spiritual place's holiness magnet about thousands of religious people, in present time also. Over the Krishna River the Amareswara shrine has been located. This River flows from north - south direction, when Major River runs from the western side the eastern side. As per the legend, even if in the Krishna River runs in floods, then also this mountain won't get damage, the River will take flow towards other side. That’s why Krishna River runs from the northern side to southern side. The points where this River flows in the different direction for the less distance are known as divine spots, here generally shrines are constructed. This historical shrine has been submitted to the Lord Shiva. The height of this holy temple is about fifteen feet, built in the white color marble. This temple is bounded by towering gopuras on all 4 sides as per the common style of Dravidian structure. The architecture of this temple is also Dravidian type. This shrine's Vimana part is similar to this type of architecture.

As per the one legend, this temple is actually an origin place of the Buddhist religion, later on this became a worshipping place of the Hindu religion people. There is little argument are going on, from the Amareswara Swami Shrine, the establishment was put down on feature of the Buddhist slabs. Now also you can see the lotus of white marble on over the Mula Virat. This creation is a very elegant and eye-catching, made with lots of detailed work, the style of this lotus is like historical Silpas of Buddhist religion. Mula Virat is majorly used in the sculptures and architecture of the Buddhist, it is actually look like big cylinder made in the vertical shape, by white color marble. In the Buddhist monument you must have seen it many times. This divine place is essential for both Hinduism and Buddhism. No one part of Ameavati would be finish without connection of the popular Buddha Stupa. The major festivals of Amravati temple are Navratri, Maha Sivratri, Kalyana Utsavas. To take look of this pilgrimage, you have only transport mode through which you can reach here. From the Guntur, this is located about 20 miles long; it is linked with well road. The closest railway stations are Vijaywada and Guntur. You can easily reach here from the Guntur, through well bus transport.

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